TPP: Bria 3 for MAC - SwyxWare (kb4452)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2013
  • SwyxWare 2011
  • Bria 3 for MAC

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Within the Swyx Technology Programme (TPP) the Bria 3 SIP Client for MAC OS  was successfully tested against a SwyxWare and reaches therefore the certification level tested.


1. Test

The Bria 3 is a SIP client, which was developped for a direct operation on a SIP trunk, but which could also be used on a SIP enabled IP PBX such as the SwyxWare. Due to this circumstance, the Bria 3 client has implemented some features that the SwyxWare itself has implemented.

1.1 Tested versions

the following combinations were tested:

  • SwyxWare2011 R2 (QF3) with Bria 3, V3.4.3 Build 68296 on MAC OS 10.8.2
  • SwyxWare2013 R2 with Bria 3, V3.5.5 Build 71243 on MAC OS 10.9

Endpoints: SwyxPhone L615, SwyxIt!

1.2 Executed tests

  • Registration
  • Incoming and outgoing internal audio calls
  • Incoming and outgoing external audio calls
  • CLIP
  • Call forwarding
  • Long duration calls
  • Hold / Retrieve
  • Call toggeling
  • Transfer
  • Conferencing
  • DTMF

The tests basically succeeded, but the were some restrictions.

1.3 Restrictions

  • CLIR: If this feature is activated on the Bria 3, not outgoing calls can be made
  • Transfer: Bria 3 only supports Blind Transfer
  • Conferencing: Internal implementation of Bria 3 is used, if the Bria 3 initiates a conference

Additional features

  • Video: Video negotiation and -transmission between SwyxIt! and Bria 3 is incompatible
  • Presence: Just an indication at Bria 3 whether or not a contact is registered in the SwyxWare. No enhanced presence information.
  • Instant messaging: incompatible
  • Security: incompatible


2. Configuration

Create a SwyxWare user who is allowed to register through SIP endpoints.

Create an account for that specific SwyxWare user in the Bria 3. In the configuration dialog, the "User ID" corresponds with the "SIP User ID" of the SwyxWare user and the "Authorization Name" corresponds with the "User Name". Enter the configured password. Supply a Display name; this will be presented along with the assigned number to a caller. In the field "Domain", the SwyxWare server must be entered (Name or IP address). Activate Registration via "Domain", close the dialog with "OK. The Bria 3 will now register at the SwyxWare.

Additional configuration must be performed through the Preference dialog of the Bria 3.

  • Through the tab "Devices", confirm that the desired audio devices are configured
  • Through "Codecs", codecs can be configured, whereas the SwyxWare supports audio codecs G711 aLaw, G711 µLaw, G729 and G722. In order to prevent incompatibilities during codec negotiation, the option "Accept the first codec ..." must be set.
  • The DTMF mode of the Bria 3 must be set to SIP INFO.

For additional configuration settings and information, please consult the documentation of the Bria 3.


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