New Hardware revision of SwyxPhone L680 requires firmware V2 R0.51.0 (kb4231)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxPhone L615
  • SwyxWare v6.20 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxPhone L680
  • SwyxPhone L660
  • SwyxPhone L640
  • SwyxPhone L620

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A new hardware revision of the SwyxPhone L680 requires a new Firmware version V2 R0.51.0. Please find information about how you can get this version  from and which phones are concerned.


Starting from 15.03.2011 Swyx will ship all SwyxPhone L6xx with a new firmware version V2 R0.51.0. This new firmware is required because of a hardware change at the SwyxPhone L680. For better identification of the new hardware revision these phones will include a relevant information flyer.

This firmware version can also be used by L680 with older hardware revisions.
Optionally it can also be used for other SwyxPhone modells (L615, L620, L640 and L660) but is not required there.

Attention: Downgrading a phone of the new hardware revision to an earlier firmware version than V2 R0.51.0 can  lead to the situation that the display of the phone is not working probably. Therefore to avoid this please update the firmware update configuration of the SwyxWare Administration software following these instructions.

Where to get the firmware files of version V2 R0.51.0 for SwyxPhone L615, L620, L640, L660 and L680 from:

If you are using this ftp-server to distribute the firmware to your phones, just go to the firmware-update-dialog of your SwyxWare administration and press the Get-Button.

If you are used to distribute the firmware using an private FTP-server (not, please update your files with the ones you find at the mentioned ftp-address and press the Get-Button in the firmware-update-dialog of your SwyxWare administration.

To use this new firmware also a new PhoneManager service ist required.

PhoneMgr- & firmware update to support L615 and new hardware revision of L640 (v6.20) (kb4156)

How to find out which phone is concerned:

Look onto the back of the phone. If you find one of the numbers below, your SwyxPhone L680 should be run with the firmware version V2 R0.51.0 or later.

  • S30817-S7404-D101-17  (SwyxPhone L680)
  • S30817-S7404-B101-14  (SwyxPhone L680 Gigabit)


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