VoIP Unlimited SIP-Trunk Configuration (kb4218)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • tested with QuickFix 4

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The english SIP-Provider VoIP Unlimited was successfully tested with SwyxWare v7 (incl. QuickFix 4).

This article describes the needed configuration.


The SIP-Provider VoIP Unlimited fullfills the following Features with SwyxWare v7 (QuickFix 4):

  • Registration of SIP-Links
  • Incoming Calls National/International
  • Outgoing Calls National/International
  • Correct signalisation of Numbers National/International conforming RFC3325
  • Correct CLIP No Screening conforming RFC3325
  • Calls can be set on hold
  • Codecs: G.711a G.711µ, G.729 and T.38 (Fax)
  • DTMF conforming RFC2833_Event
  • Fax T.38 Incoming and Outgoing
  • Usage of a configured STUN-Server (VOIP-Unlimited provides an own STUN-Server) possible
The Numberformat which is used is always NATIONAL. A special Numberreplacemet is not needed but still possible if you need it to meet special requierements.
For the registration Process the own public IP-Address is used therefore you should take care about the SIP-Uri to match the following criteria:
If you have a static IP in use you can also use * instead.
A CatchAll-Account (*@*) isn't recommended at all.
To use the account in the simplest way you can use the attached CustomProviderProfiles.config (packed) which is attached at the bottom of this article.
Further information on how to deal with this file can be found in the following article:
Please keep in mind that this Provider was tested now (17.01.2011) (SwyxWare v7 - QuickFix 4). There is no guarantee that it will work with any other SwyxWare version. Additionally it might stop working if the Provider changes anything on his side.


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