Technical documentation Swyx DECT 800, SwyxPhone D210, D310,D311BT, D843 and D863 (kb4184)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxPhone D315
  • SwyxPhone D215
  • SwyxPhone D311 BT
  • SwyxPhone D310
  • SwyxPhone D210
  • SwyxPhone D300
  • SwyxDECT 800
  • SwyxPhone D843, SwyxPhone D863

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This article provides all technical documents like Manuals, Quick Referece Guides and Product Guides of the Swyx DECT 800 Base Station, the Handsets SwyxPhone D210, D215, D310, D311BT, D315, D843, D863 and the relevant Desktop Chargers.


The following documentation corespond to the documents provided by the original manufactura Ascom. Therefore these documents are provided by the Ascom Internet pages as well.

Please note that some information within these documents imply some additional systems like the the Ascom Alarm- or IM Server, which are not part of the Swyx product portfolio. But normaly these relevant functions are marked accordingly.    

SwyxDECT 800 Basis Station:
(equivalent to Ascom IP-DECT Base Station, manuals apply also for IP-DECT Gateway)


SwyxPhone D210:
(equivalent to Ascom d41 DECT Handset, Basic)

SwyxPhone D310:
(equivalent to Ascom d62 DECT Handset, Talker)

SwyxPhone D311BT:
(equivalent to Ascom d62 DECT Handset, Talker with Bluetooth option)


SwyxPhone D843:
(equivalent to Ascom d43 DECT Handset, Talker)

SwyxPhone D863:
(equivalent to Ascom d63 DECT Handset, Talker)


Desktop Charger Basic for D210, D310 und D311 BT:
(equivalent to Ascom DC3, Basic Desktop Charger)


Desktop Charger programmer for D210, D310 und D311 BT:
(equivalent to Ascom DC4, Advanced Desktop Charger)


Portable Device Manager (PDM/WinPDM)


Firmware / Software downloads:
You can find the latest firmware files for base stations, handsets and the WinPDM software in the SwyxDECT 800 download-section of the Swyx PartnerNet (access only for Swyx Resellers).


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