PhoneMgr- & firmware update to support L615 and new hardware revision of L640 (v6.20) (kb4156)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxPhone L615
  • SwyxWare v6.20 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxPhone L640
  • SwyxPhone L620
  • SwyxWare v6.20

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A new hardware revision of SwyxPhone L640 is available since the beginning of 2010. To support those phones with a SwyxWare v6.20 MP1 you have to update two parts:

  1. the firmware on the phones and
  2. the SwyxPhoneManager service in the SwyxWare v6.20 MP1

The sames updates are also required to operate the new SwyxPhone L615.

This article describes where to get the updates from and how to install them.

For SwyxWare v7 please read this article: PhoneMgr- & firmware update to support L615 and new hardware revision of L640 (v7.0) (kb4141)


The L640 phones with a part number (to be found at the back of the phone) of

S30817-S7402-D103-19 (lava) or

S30817-S7402-D101-19  (ice blue)or later,

come with a new display hardware that is no longer supported by the formerly released firmware versions V1 R3.10.0.

Therefore Swyx released a new firmware version V2 R0.35.3 to ensure the support of those recent hardware revisions.
Moreover, you will need to update the PhoneManager service in the SwyxWare to support this new firmware version from the server side.

The operation of SwyxPhone L615 requires also the same firmware version and the updated PhoneManager service.

Also the SwyxPhone L620 can be used with this new firmware.

If you run a SwyxWare v6.20 without MP1, please install MP1 first, before you apply the instructions of this article.

If you have installed SwyxWare v6.20 MP1, please install the PhoneManager update as follows:

  1. Download the PhoneManager update (=6.20 MP1 Quickfix 2) using the following ftp link:
  2. Update the PhoneManager service of the SwyxWare v6.20 MP1
    1. Stop the service 'SwyxPhoneManager'.
    2. Backup the file 'PhoneMgr.exe' in the SwyxWare directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\SwyxWare).
    3. Copy 'PhoneMgr.exe' from the update package to the same place.
    4. Restart the service.

Update the firmware on all L640 and L620 phones using the firmware update mechanism of the SwyxWare:

  1. If you are using the default settings refering the public ftp server at Swyx, just change the configured firmware path to 'fw6qf' instead of 'fw6' by default (see 'Server properties'->'SwyxPhone Firmware Update'->'Firmware Path:')
  2. If you have set up your private ftp server for the firmware deployment, copy the follwing files from our ftp server and overwrite the existing ones in your directory.

Firmware for SwyxPhone L640:

Firmware for SwyxPhone L620 and L615:

(as your version of SwyxWare Administration does not know L615 yet, the PhoneMgr is using the compatible firmware file from the L620 also for the L615)

Click the 'Get' button in the firmware update configuration dialog to update the entries of the affected phone types.

Optionally you can restart the SwyxPhoneManager service to be prompted for the firmware update on the affected phone types.

Notice about Callerlist button at L640:
With this firmware the behaviour of the callerlist button (the button right from the voicemail button) changes. It now displays the "Service Menu" if pressed.
This is now equal to the behaviour of this button at SwyxPhone L660 und L680. Unfortunately Swyx has no option to change the function of this button by software.

Workarounds (also apply to L660 and L680):
While the Service-Menu is shown after you pressed the button, you can press the OK button or the right-arrow button, in both cases you will then get the callerlist.

Or do not use the button at all and just press the right-arrow button to get into the user menu. There you can use the right-arrow again, or press OK or 1 and you will also get the callerlist.
If "new incmoing calls" are announced in the display, you can also just press the OK button to view them directly.


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