Guidelines and prerequisities for the installation / upgrade of SwyxWare (kb4152)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxWare v6.20

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This article provides information for a successful installation or upgrade of the SwyxWare.


The information in this article is valid for a SwyxWare standard installation in a range up to 500 users without any special call routing, no call center software and no integration into any 3rd party software solution.

Before performing a new setup or an update you should make sure having all needed licenses at hand (especially the needed update license for an update).

Please read the following articles very carefully:

If you choose to use QoS (Quality of Service) you have to make sure that ALL components (switches, network boards, routers, gateways) support QoS and have in enabled.

To judge the "network quality" for IP telephony Swyx provides the so called LinkQuality-Tool which can be found on the SwyxWare CD/DVD. More details on this tool can be found in the SwyxWare Administrators manual (Appendix F.3). This tool can also be used to test the connection quality for additional locations (multi location usage of SwyxWare) as also home office connections in advance.

Please note that this tool does not replace a complete network auditing.

All above mentioned information and tools are meant as additional hints to be taken into consideration BEFORE setting up or updating a SwyxWare. Please understand that there is no warrenty for a 100% failsafe even if following all steps in the given information. There are too many possible factors to influence the SwyxWare.

If you are going to setup call center aplications (like iLogixx "MyCallCenter" or the 3iMedia "Queue Controller"), or if you plan to develop extensive call routing or other 3rd party devices/software you should contact Swyx Presales in advance to check for possible hints or gaps.


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