Availability of new SwyxPhone L615 (kb4151)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxPhone L615
  • SwyxWare v6.20 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxWare v6.20

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Starting from June 2010 Swyx completes its desktop phone portfolio by another model, the SwyxPhone L615. This enhances the SwyxPhone L6xx family by a cost-effective phone with hands-free mode, display und eight funktion keys with LEDs.


Swyx is proud to announce the availability of the new SwyxPhone L615: With its eight freely programmable keys SwyxPhone L615 fits optimal in the well proven multiline-concept of SwyxWare. Complemented with a 2 line display, an integrated switch and the hands-free mode the SwyxPhone L615 is positioned as cost-effective entry-level variant, which offers all advantages of the integration of SwyxPhone into SwyxWare as e.g.the automatically firmware upate. 

Key elements of the new SwyxPhone L615:

  • Graphical display, 2 line monochrome (not tiltable)
  • Keypad
  • 3 fixed function keys with red LEDs
  • 8 freely programmable keys with red LEDs (upgradeable with 1 Key Module)
  • Key labeling with paper strips
  • Volume control via +/-  keys
  • 3 navigation keys (Forward, Backward, Enter)
  • Hands-free speaking (full duplex)
  • Prepared for HD-Audio
  • Integrated 2-port switch (10/100 MBit)
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Optional accessories: Power supply, key module, wall bracket
  • Available in lava (black) and iceblue (white)

The SwyxPhone L615 adopted some fundamental characteristics of the operational philosophy of the SwyxPhone L4xx/5xx series. Due to this fact the SwyxPhone L615 is  particularly suitable for experienced SwyxWare user or for the replacement of old handsets within the current customer base. Combined with SwyxIt!, running in CTI mode, the SwyxPhone L615 is perfectly suited for standard office enviroments, where the usage of  USB devices is not possible.

Detailed information concerning the new SwyxPhone can be found in the updated datasheet of the SwyxPhones and terminal devices, available on the Swyx homepage.

The speed dial and function key configuration of SwyxPhone L615 can be done at the phone itself, with SwyxIt! v7.05 Colaboration Pack, or will be possible with SwyxWare Administration v8.0.

Operation of the new SwyxPhone L615 requires a new firmware version and SwyxWare v6.20 MP1 Quickfix 2 or SwyxWare 7 Quickfix 2 (or newer).

Detailed information regarding these updates can be found in the following KB articles:

SwyxWare v6.20:

PhoneMgr- & firmware update to support L615 and new hardware revision of L640 (v6.20) (kb4156)

SwyxWare v7.00:

PhoneMgr- & firmware update to support L615 and new hardware revision of L640 (v7.0) (kb4141)


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