illegal license - firmware update of SwyxPhones L4xx/L5xx fails updating SwyxWare v6.12 to v7.0 (kb4103)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxPhone L540
  • SwyxPhone L520s
  • SwyxPhone L440
  • SwyxPhone L400
  • SwyxPhone L420

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The firmware update of a SwyxPhone L4xx/L5xx from version 5.1.32 to V5 R5.8.0 fails with error message "illegal license".


Siemens has changed the scheme of the version strings of the firmware for the OptiPoint phone series. Unfortunately older firmware versions are not able to handle the new scheme. Therefore an update via DLS mechanism, as it is implemented in the SwyxWare phonemanager, may fail.

This problem occurs if the version information is updated on the "SwyxPhone Firmware Update" tab within SwyxWare administration. The version information is read from the firmware files on the FTP server and displayed as it is shown on the following screenshot:

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If a phone with firmware 5.1.32 receives the version information in this representation, the update will fail.


There are three ways to work around this problem:

1. update via webinterface of the phones (see Configuration of SwyxPhone Lxxx via HTTP (kb2192)). Only the filename has to be specified without any information about the firmware version.

Configuration of SwyxPhone Lxxx via HTTP (kb2192)

2. first update to firmware version 4.6.0. This version is already able to handle the new version scheme. The update to V5 R5.8.0 can be performed as usual afterwards.

3. changing the version information within SwyxWare Administration to "5.5.8" as it is shown on the following screenshot:

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Workaround available. (see above)


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