New Release Process and ReleaseCandidates for SwyxConnect Firmware Versions (kb4090)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxConnect 1724
  • SwyxConnect 1723
  • SwyxConnect 1722
  • SwyxConnect .

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This article describes the new process regarding SwyxConnect firmware releases and release candidates.


Most Swyx partners and customers know that the SwyxConnect hardware is an OEM version of the Lancom routers. The firmware and the tools shipped with SwyxConnect are very similar compared to the Lancom version, but they contain a few additional enhancements to simplify configuration, setup and operation in a SwyxWare environment.

These enhancements and the focusing on the VoIP part of SwyxConnect require an own QA cycle of SwyxConnect versions.

Lancom and Swyx decided to provide new Lancom and Swyx OEM versions of Lancom releases and release candidates in the future at the same time. Therefore new features and bugfixes are available in shorter intervals.

Swyx encourages partners and customers to test release candidates and Lancom releases inside their own environment. Details how to get these versions and the proceedings are explained here:

SwyxConnect release candidates can be found here for download:

Please send your feedback regarding release candidates to Lancom via this link:

SwyxConnect OEM variants of firmware versions already released by Lancom, but not yet officially released by Swyx can be downloaded here:

All firmware versions officially released by Swyx, i.e. versions which already successfully passed the complete Swyx QA cycle, can be downloaded as usual via the Swyx website download section: Swyx download

Please provide feedback for the last 2 mentioned firmware versions regarding the VoIP part of the routers directly to your Swyx support channel, feedback regarding all other parts should be give to the Lancom support channel.



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