MSI Octopus Accounting G4 successfully certified (kb4042)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2013
  • SwyxWare 2011
  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • Octopus Accounting G4 (v3.03/v3.10)

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The call accounting application of the vendor MSI Solutions GmbH has been successfully certified by highest certification level.

In order to a successfully compatibility test the technical interoperability has been approved.

Further, MSI has entered into an agreement which will ensure the future interoperability with product updates.


MSI Screenshot
MSI Screenshot
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Octopus Accounting G4 is able to analyse and to work up the call detail records (CDRs) provided by SwyxWare.

Octopus Accounting G4 kann be used with SwyxWare from version 6.20 as well as Octopus Netphone from version 6.20.

The following version have been tested successfully:

  • Octopus Accounting v3.03 - SwyxWare/NetPhone v6.20
  • Octopus Accounting v3.10 - SwyxWare/NetPhone v7.00/2011/2013



At the moment there is no other user interface than the german language variant. The user interface version does not have any effect on the opportunity to use it with other language variants of SwyxWare. Octopus Accounting G4 can be used with every language variant of SwyxWare / Netphone.

For analysing and accounting Octopus Accounting G4 uses the cdr.txt file as datasource which is filled and written by SwyxWare / Netphone into the usual folder. On each query, done by Octopus Accounting G4, the cdr.txt file will be cleared / deleted.

For this purpose relevant information:

Octopus Accounting G4 will be the only responsible application for archiving and backing up the CDR data.
SwyxWare will not set up any backup copy of the cdr.txt file!

Furthermore it is theoretically possible, that it brings a loss of a single CDR when Octopus Accounting G4 and SwyxWare access to the cdr.txt file at the same time. However we could not observe this during the interoperability tests.

Due to the routinely clearing/deleting of the cdr.txt, Octopus Accounting G4 reserves the CDR interface as exclusive application. That means, it is not possible to connect any other application at the same time with Octopus Accounting G4 which features functionalities based on CDR data.


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