TPP: Configuration of XCAPI to work with SwyxWare (kb4014)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • XCAPI Version 3.3.109

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This article describes the needed configuration of the application XCAPI V.3.3.109 from TE-Systems.

XCAPI is known as software which adapts between the CAPI and among others the SIP protocol. With this software you will be able to connect CAPI-based application to SwyxWare.


SwyxWare v6.20 or higher, XCAPI Version 3.3.109


Configuration of SwyxWare:

XCAPI does not provide a registrar. Therfore you need to create an unregistered SIP-Link to SwyxWare.
Due to several specific parameters, you need to create seperate profile for your XCAPI SIP-trunk.

This profile must contain the following parameters:

  • id="xcapi"
  • name="XCAPI SIP-Trunk"
  • proxy="IP-Adresse or DNS-Name of your XCAPI-Server"
  • UseRegistration="false"
  • DtmfMode="Rfc2833_Event"
  • CallingPartyNumberPosition="FromHeaderSIPURI"
  • NumberFormats outbound_called="Subscriber"
  • outbound_calling="Extension"
  • inbound_called="Extension"
  • inbound_calling="Subscriber"

If you need any assistance creating this profile please find the following knowledege base article:


Configuration of XCAPI application:
XCAPI does come with configurationwizard that contains a specific profile for SwyxWare.

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Start the "Controller-Wizard" and attend to the instructions.

If the provided profile does not comply to your needs, or if it does not work for any reason, you can customize the connection manually.

Please  proceed as follows:

  1. Create a appropriate type of controller and choose the tab "Controller". Here you can assign a name to your controller and you can configure the number channels that can be used at the same time. The maximum count of channels depends on your XCAPI license.

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    Select the tab "Features" and activate these values:
    "Simulate ECT by switching B-Channels" = activated
    "Software-Fax to use Speech-channels" = activated

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  2. SIP-Configuration: "Options":
     Please use the SIP-Realm of SwyxWare to be entered into field "Standard SIP Domain". (If not otherwise specified it is the hostname of your SwyxWare-server)
    All other fields must be blank.

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  3. SIP-Configuration: "Proxies"
    Please enter the IP-address or hostname of your SwyxWare server.
    Attention! Port is 65002

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  4. SIP-Configuration: "Protocol"
    Activate the checkbox: "Allow applications to set their own calling number"

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    Keep all other predefined values.

  5. Hold
    SwyxWare supports the feature "Call Hold" via SDP. Therefore activate the checkbox "Attribute sendonly".

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  6. Codecs
    You should always make use of those codecs that are really neccessary. Especially the Softfax functionalities need a none-compressing speechcodec. G711 µ-law by preference.
    Activate the checkbox for using "Telephone-Event (RFC 2833) for DTMF signalling".

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  7. XCAPI is a media endpoint in SwyxWare environments. To interpret "Inband DTMF tones", you need to activate DTMF detection in XCAPI application. Open the tab "Tweaks" and create the following "Standard-Tweak":
    "SDP_ENABLE_RECOGNIZER_SIG“ and give the value 1.

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For any further support, especially for XCAPI configurations, please contact "TE-Systems".
On the website you will find a lot of  helpful information


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