Swyx WebAccess v6.30 Quickfix 1 (kb4013)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWebAccess v6.30

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Swyx WebAccess v6.30 QuickFix 1

This Quickfix can be used with Swyx WebAccess v6.30 ONLY!

The usage of eMail function in WebAccess may occurrs
problems due to technical circumstances on the device!

This Quickfix is compatible to the new iPhone software version (3.x)!
View and functionality are affected using an older iPhone version.

This article contains a list of resolved defects and further information regarding the quickfix.


Quickfixes are not available for direct download but instead available through the Swyx Distribution resp. Swyx Support only!

Please note the standard hints of usage of Quickfixes:

Files included in this QuickFix:

  • ConfigWizard.exe
  • iui.js
  • iui_modified.js
  • main.css
  • main.html 
  • main.js
  • version.js


Seven files have to be replaced.

  1. Open the Swyx WebAccess installation directory(default: %ProgramFiles%\Swyx WebAccess).
  2. Copy the file "ConfigWizard.exe" into the subdirectory  "ConfigWizard".
  3. Copy the file "main.html" into the subdirectory  "www\ccm".
  4. Copy the file "main.css" into the subdirectory  "www\ccm\css".
  5. Copy the file "iui_modified.js" into the subdirectory "www\ccm\js\iui".
  6. Copy the following files  into the subdirectory "www\ccm\js":
        • iui.js
        • main.js
        • version.js

Defects solved with QuickFix 1:

  • Swyx00023144 Contact Center Mobile: Version number is cut off in About
  • Swyx00023149 Configuration Wizard - Swyx Admin Password Security Issue
  • Swyx00023050 The Contact Center login page is not displayed correctly if an iPhone with firmware 3.0 is used
  • Swyx00022636 iPhone should not jump back to first entry of Global Contact list if leaving details of a Global
  • Swyx00022944 Long names are cut off in all lists 


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