SwyxWare Setups and SwyxServer applications may start slowly (kb4012)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • SwyxWare v6.12

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SwyxServer applications such as SwyxWare Configuration Wizard, SwyxWare TraceTool or the SwyxWare setups (MSI files) start very slowly under certain circumstances. This article describes when this happens and how to solve it.


Starting with SwyxWare v7.0 some SwyxWare applications are digitally signed to support the Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 user account control feature. With a digital signature the UAC elevation prompt shows the manufacturer of the application. For several SwyxWare versions all setups (MSI files) are digitally signed, too.

Windows checks the digital signature before starting a signed application. That works locally. Additionally Windows tries to download the signers certificate revocation list from the internet. On systems without internet connection, it might take up to a minute until Windows stops trying and starts the application.


If your SwyxWare system has no permanent internet connection, switch off the certificate revocation list check:

  1. Open Internet options in Windows Control Panel
  2. Go to property page "Advanced"
  3. Uncheck option "Check for publisher's certificate revocation"
  4. Close the internet options dialog with "OK".

If your internet connection loss is only temporary you should not switch off the certificate revocation list check.


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