SwyxPhone S315 Firmware v6.16 (kb3940)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • SwyxWare v6.12
  • SwyxPhone S315

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This article describes all solved problems with the SwyxPhone S315 Firmware v6.16.

Please note that this firmware version requires SwyxWare v6.12.

A detailed setup instruction can be found in the Swyx Administration manual, chapter


List of most important solved problems:

  • Swyx00020772
    VLAN ID not forwarded to internal ethernet port.
  • Swyx00020774
    VLAN ID 0 cannot be configured on S315.
  • Swyx00020775
    Wrong default values for QoS/DiffServ after factory reset.
  • Swyx00020776
    Priority of packets is wrong, for Layer 2 and 3.
  • Swyx00021113
    S315 needs to be rebooted if QoS is activated/deactivated via phone menu.
  • Swyx00021201
    S315 does not start if UK tones are configured.
  • Swyx00021202
    Alerting tone does not correspond with the country specific tones in UK.
  • Swyx00021748
    DialtoneBusy sounds not 100% correct for UK setting.
  • Swyx00021722
    Sending keypad messages from SwyxIt! and S315 via Gateway does not work in Italy / DTMF SIP Infos during early dialog.
  • Swyx00021377
    No status signalling after SwyxServer restart or user logoff.
  • Swyx00021178
    Transfer to ISDN with S315 does not work in some situations.
  • Swyx00019785
    Sometimes S315 communicates wrong IP address inside the user-agent.
  • Swyx00018610
    Name not resolved from personal phonebook.
  • Swyx00018621
    Different kinds of number formats in redial list depending on calling device.
  • Swyx00022009
    Secondary call notification sound is too loud and distorted in UK configuration.
  • Swyx00022008
    Disconnected tone sounds not 100% correct for UK setting.
  • Swyx00022220
    S315 communicates wrong IP address inside the user-agent string.


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