Perflib application eventlog error is written after installation of 6.12 MP1 (kb3929)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v7.00
  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • SwyxWare 6.12 MaintenancePack 1

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After the installation of SwyxWare every 2 seconds an error message of the perflib application is written in the eventlog:

Windows Cannot load extensible counter DLL MSSQLSERVER


This is a known problem of Microsoft SQL Server. The account NETWORK SERVICE, which is used by the Config Data Store service, needs different file access permissions.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the properties of the file  sqlctr80.dll in the SQL Server installation directory ("c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn\" in later versions of SQL Server the file contains the later version number e. g. sqlctr100.dll and is stored in a subfolder of Binn).
  2. Move to the tab "Security".
  3. Rights for CDS account NETWORK SERVICE
    Rights for CDS account NETWORK SERVICE
    Click to enlarge...
  4. Add the user "NETWORK SERVICE". This is the user account used by the service "Config Data Store".
  5. Assign the rights "Read" and "Read & Execute".
  6. Confirm your configuration with "OK".

Afterwards the error messages don't occur.




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