SwyxIt! Mobile can not be used with 2-digits internal numbers (kb3922)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Mobile v6.20 (Windows Mobile)
  • SwyxIt! Mobile v6.20 (Symbian)
  • SwyxIt! Mobile v6.20 (Blackberry)
  • SwyxIt! Handset P250

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The problem described in this article appears in SwyxWare installations which use 2-digits internal numbers. If a call to such a 2-digits number is initiated within the SwyxIt! Mobile user interface everything works fine. The number is dialed and the call to the user is initiated. But if the call to the 2-digits number is initiated from the native phone application of the phone (e.g. from the contacts or the native phone UI) it is canceled by the native phone application and therefore the call can not be overtaken by SwyxIt! Mobile. This applies for most of the 2-digit numbers at the plattforms Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry (RIM).


The reason for this problem is the behavior of the native phone application of the mobile phones which do not treat 2-digits numbers as phone numbers. Instead of this these numbers are used to initated special service request towards the mobile network provider.


This is a problem located within the mobile phones resp. their brandings. A workaround is not available from the phone manufacturers therefore it is recommended to use SwyxMobile only in SwyxWare installations with minimum 3-digits internal numbers. 


This problem will not be fixed.


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