SwyxWare v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1 (kb3901)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare Administration v6.12
  • SwyxIt! v6.12
  • SwyxFax Server v6.12
  • SwyxWare v6.12

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1.

To check which version you have currently installed on your system click the "Check for updates" link in SwyxWare Administration or click on the "Product updates" link in the support information of SwyxWare in in the Add/Remove Programs list in Windows control panel.

Please note the common hints on Maintenance Packs in the following Knowledgebase articles:


The Maintenance Pack 1 includes the following components:

  • SwyxWare v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxIt! v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxFax Server v6.12 Maintenance Pack 1

Please note: in order to setup the Maintenance Pack correctly you need to update all components.

Maintenance Packs of SwyxWare version v5.0 or newer are shipped as patches based on Microsoft Windows Installer, which has a couple of advantages:

  • No manual replacements of executables necessary
  • Services are automatically stopped and started
  • Unique version number to easy see which Maintenance Pack is installed
  • Maintenance Packs can be easily removed if necessary
  • Smaller download size

To install the Maintenance Pack execute setup.msp and follow the Installation Wizard.

Please note the information in the following knowledge base article about some event log error messages shown after installing this service pack:

Perflib application eventlog error is written after installation of 6.12 MP1 (kb3929)

Maintenance Pack 1 addresses the following issues:


  • Swyx00022147    Server: suppress DTMF info requests to SIP AudioCodes and other TAs if  DTMF info originated from SwyxGate
  • Swyx00022133    LinkMgr sometimes throws access violation on system restart/shutdown
  • Swyx00022109    Handle leak in PhoneManager process while running log on/off endurance test
  • Swyx00022051    PhoneManager dumps becoming passive in a StandBy scenario
  • Swyx00022001    SwyxGate: no possible to switch of DTMF detection via registry
  • Swyx00021938    All users registered via SIP may lose their registration, if one SIP user removes his device from the network
  • Swyx00021915    All SwyxPhones lose possibility to make calls after forced logoff via admin
  • Swyx00021891    Multiple call retries via trunk fail on overlap dialing
  • Swyx00021889    Parallel group calls on larger groups with caller list entries, can slow down address resolution
  • Swyx00021888    SwyxStandby: If the CDS service of the master server is not available, but the IpPbxSrv service is running, the standby will lose its license
  • Swyx00021887    If master server is starting and CDS is not available the standby will lose license
  • Swyx00021885    PhoneManager dumps occured when switching over from master to standby
  • Swyx00021876    Unhandled exception in ConfigDataStore service is not detected correctly
  • Swyx00021874    Project number not written to CDR if included in ConnectTo dialstring after play announcement
  • Swyx00021771    PBXScript.IsUserOrGroupBusy returns "Free" also group is busy if user is logged with Swyx-Phone and H.323 device
  • Swyx00021758    SwyxServer dumped on receiving NOTIFY message
  • Swyx00021736    Second ConectTo to hunt group ends after first hunt group call attempt
  • Swyx00021732    Phone registrations can slow down in scenarios with a very large number of phones
  • Swyx00021722    Sending keypad messages from SwyxIt! and S315 via Gateway does not work in Italy
  • Swyx00021717    Master SwyxServer does not become active after (re-)start if name of Standby SwyxServer can not be resolved e.g. by DNS.
  • Swyx00021712    All SwyxIt!s may lose their registration if one SwyxIt! changes IP address on the fly
  • Swyx00021698    In scenarios with a remote FaxServer the .NET Runtime of the CDS can crash during Fax-Client requests
  • Swyx00021694    WAV file with additional chunk is not played correctly as hold music
  • Swyx00021675    Gateway with non-existing trunk computer name nevertheless logs in after disabling/enabling trunk
  • Swyx00021659    It is not possible to transfer a call to the E66/E71 phone from a user
  • Swyx00021644    Ascom i75 calls external party: One way media streaming.
  • Swyx00021643    After unhandled NullReferecneException, the CDS will no longer answer requests.
  • Swyx00021643    After unhandled NullReferenceException, the CDS will no longer answer requests.
  • Swyx00021636    Access Violation in CDS Client causes systemcrash
  • Swyx00021633    L420 phones aren't switched to activated system after an administrator initiates switch-over via SwyxWare
  • Swyx00021624    A race condition in SendEmptyTcs() sometimes makes the PhoneManager dump
  • Swyx00021619    Thread leak caused by special script hold request sequence
  • Swyx00021602    Thread leak if two calls to CallQueue script are initiated at the same time
  • Swyx00021597    Server dump during blind call transfer with Kirk IP1500 DECT.
  • Swyx00021567    Calls from SIP devices to operator via operator script fails
  • Swyx00021551    SIP-GW trunk inbound channel counter incremented multiple times if ambigous number is dialed
  • Swyx00021547    Overlay announcement coded as G.711 uLaw is cut off after ~45s
  • Swyx00021545    ConnectTo to hunt group while hold from not confirmed with busy or reject if call is not previously accepted by announcement
  • Swyx00021535    Valid effective user license counts in case if server license is expired
  • Swyx00021244    CDR: missing DeliveredTime and ConnectTime information if using a call queue
  • Swyx00021240    Registration of S315 sometimes rejected with "403 FORBIDDEN" after server is restarted
  • Swyx00021197    CDR: missing script connect date/time when connecting from extern to a script queue
  • Swyx00021146    LinkManager should retry to connect to CDS if CDS connection fails for some reasons
  • Swyx00021143    SwyxGate should retry to connect to CDS if CDS connection fails for some reasons
  • Swyx00021081    Wrong number is dialled in case of two stage dialing
  • Swyx00021066    SRefMutex destructor is not called when call transfer initiated via SwyxIt! fails for some reasons
  • Swyx00020135    You need to press the hook key twice to disconnect a running call.
  • Swyx00020085    No alerting tones on unconditional forwarding via provider QSC
  • Swyx00020060    ConferenceMgr fails to load files from global scope
  • Swyx00020015    Script execution got stuck if voice call is set to hold between two announcements
  • Swyx00019993    SwyxPhone: playback of alerting tone instead of hold music in special scripting scenario
  • Swyx00019976    Featurecode ##9xxx# to call RI for other user does not work as expected
  • Swyx00019954    Server disconnects call originator if SwyxIt! tries to activate this call while another call is connected to a Call Queue
  • Swyx00019935    FileCache in CDSClient cannot handle with corrupt file cache.xml
  • Swyx00019920    PhoneManager: you need to press the hook key twice to disconnect a running call
  • Swyx00019874    Server generates an access violation if both SwyxIt! clients puts call on hold
  • Swyx00019868    Server throws exception on intercom call to user which is logged off
  • Swyx00019814    Script condition "external calls" not match for SIP URIs
  • Swyx00019725    Call got stuck in call queue and must be removed via admin
  • Swyx00019704    Number supression does not work in case of external call via Enum Link
  • Swyx00019662    PhoneManager dumps on bulk registration of more than 300 phones
  • Swyx00019658    In case of a not available announcement file in a 'chooseAnnouncement' script block, the script is canceled
  • Swyx00019651    If a provider forgets to reset the client ID (using IpPbxConfig.exe) in cloning process, there will be no valid accounting and reporting because the client systems with the same ID are overwriting each other in known system lists
  • Swyx00019636    Wrong status of user with WaitForDisconnect script if call transfer to this user is initiated
  • Swyx00019632    Wrong status of user with PlaySound/ConnectTo script if call transfer to this user is initiated after PlaySound
  • Swyx00019626    Multiple CDRs are written when connecting multiple times to a user with disabled lines
  • Swyx00019606    Trunkrecording filename does not contain a number in case of immediate redirection to external party
  • Swyx00019603    PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber returns canonical number in case of activated MEM function
  • Swyx00019579    Sales Group can not be called via Operator
  • Swyx00019565    Special number replacement does not allow replacing an empty string
  • Swyx00019438    ConnectTo-TwinCall is not executed correct if script begins with PlaySound and another ConnectTo
  • Swyx00019217    No media streaming after transfer of a script call
  • Swyx00018843    Missing callername in CDR file on outgoing calls
  • Swyx00018454    Undeliverable calls are not connected to a group number
  • Swyx00018212    Performance problems when writing CDRs  (open recordset with adOpenForwardOnly)
  • Swyx00022193    It's not possible to retrieve NonDeliverableCallsNumber via script interface
  • Swyx00022187    Every change on a trunk (equal what kind) leads to an error message in the Gateway trace.
  • Swyx00022248    IpPbxCDSService.config is on an updated system different than on a clean installation.
  • Swyx00019632    Wrong status of user with PlaySound/ConnectTo script if call transfer to this user is initiated after PlaySound
  • Swyx00019716    Disconnect of a call during transfer causes access violations in IpPbxSrv
  • Swyx00021464    Queue Script Error cancels call
  • Swyx00022242    CDR's destination address and device name not updated if call is submited via trunk and NO alert is received
  • Swyx00022250    Voicemails could not be listen on GMX IMAP4 StreamProxy Mail Server
  • Swyx00022004    Some MEM calls are not disconnected because of Transaction ID which is given twice
  • Swyx00022263    Gateway service does not stop if H.323 registration is rejected after gateway start
  • Swyx00020714    Mediastreaming fails if user has an unconditional forwarding to PSTN configured

This Maintenance Pack allows to switch off QoS support for SIP call control messages separately (QoS support for RTP will still be active). This will be done via the registry: HKLM\Software\Swyx\IpPbxSrv\CurrentVersion\Options (REG_DWORD) "UseQosForSIP" with value 0. A service restart is required to activate this setting.

Additionally the Maintenance Pack introduces a new feature for the PhoneManager to send TCP keep alive packets to prevent routers, which are not 100% "IP-transparent" (e.g. VPN) to close H.323 connections to phones, which other-wise could result in lost calls. The timeout has a default of 60 seconds, but it's possible to configure this one via the registry: HKLM\Software\Swyx\PhoneMgr\CurrentVersion\Options (REG_DWORD) "TCPKeepAliveTime", default value: 60000 ms (milliseconds)

SwyxWare Administration

  • Swyx00021655: GSE should have Variable Limit more then 100 items
  • Swyx00020729: opening Administration multiple times with the same user crashes complete mmc
  • Swyx00022054: Logged in Info (user/trunks) and Subscription for change notifica-tion can be lost if CDS is not reachable by the IpPbxSrv
  • Swyx00022169: Delete users from a group causes high CPU load

SwyxFax Server

  • Swyx00021750: Outbound faxes disappears in Fax Client after update from 6.02 if only email forwarding is configured
  • Swyx00020756: In very special conditions Fax Channel remains in "sending" state af-ter fax transmit is finished
  • Swyx00020099: Convering to PDF crashes if fax contains more than 121 pages


  • Swyx00019719: IM Window is not opened when Speddail key does not contain a Label.
  • Swyx00018432: Sometimes bitmaps within speed dial buttons are not refreshed after login
  • Swyx00021528: Error that Outlook Dialer Core has stopped working appears when SwyxIt! is in Dialer mode
  • Swyx00021568: Project number field of SwyxIt! Phone Dialer contains phone number if Contact contains more than five phone numbers
  • Swyx00021724: Sending keypad messages from SwyxIt! and S315 via Gateway does not work in Italy:
  • Swyx00022027: When CTI SwyxIt! is not configured as ringing device, it should not play callback on busy sound
  • Swyx00022144: Swyx TSP should not drop call when TAPI call handle is closed by lineDeallocateCall
  • Swyx00021827: TAPI Service crashes occasionally on Terminal Server
  • Swyx00021333: Ringing Sound Properties hangs up after pressing "Cancel"
  • Swyx00021021: Speed dial state update does not work for special configurations
  • Swyx00021158: SwyxIt! does not care about "OwnIpAddress" reg key
  • Swyx00021278: SwyxIt! Name resolution incorrect when speed dial is configured without name
  • Swyx00021300: SwyxIt! is not able to reactivate 2nd call when connected to a script
  • Swyx00019799: F11 does not work in Web Extension when browser area is positioned at (0,0)
  • Swyx00019800: Overlap sending digits overtake each other in cti mode
  • Swyx00019804: Sometime it does not ring
  • Swyx00019803: After a call the H370/H380 is not hooked on
  • Swyx00019802: Supervisor keeps receiving mediastreaming from agent after intrusion
  • Swyx00019666: If SwyxIt! hooks off when a call on Line2 comes in while blind call transfer is progress the bct call is accepted
  • Swyx00019805: Sometimes no mediastreaming on SwyxPhone L400 after transfer from SwyxIt!
  • Swyx00019806: SwyxIt! in dialer mode should support S315 connected to SwyxConnect



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