Eventlog message: "SwyxServer could not select trunk..." (kb3834)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.20

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:

Type: Warning
Source: IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID: 4123 (0x101b)

SwyxServer could not select trunk '%1' for a call because there are not enough channel licenses.  


SwyxServer generates this eventlog entry, when there's no voice channel license available for an incoming or outgoing call which should have been routed over the mentioned trunk accordiung to your configuration.

Either all existing licenses are currently in use, they're expires or you have no voice channel license at all. If you have valid voice channel licenses and this message is logged often, you probably have too few licenses or the amount of calls made with your SwyxWare installation.

Note: Voice channel licenses for ISDN trunks are allocated when the trunk registers. All other trunks (SwyxLink, SIP) allocate the remaining licenses on a per-call basis.

Note: This event log entry does not mean that the call in question could not be established at all. If. for outgoing calls, there's another trunk, e.g. an ISDN trunk which can be used according to the configuration, that trunk will be used and the call can be made. This event log is meant to indicate a possible license shortage.

Check your voice channel licenses in SwyxWare Administrator, SwyxServer properties, property page "Licenses"


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