Automated License Handling (kb3816)

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Swyx provides a service to automatically handle request for permanent licenses. This article describes how you can make use of this service to get your request processed and the permanent license sent back immediately.


License requests which are sent to the email address will be processed automatically, if possible. With this we want to shorten the already short response time even more.

This automatism has certain demands on the license request:


  • You have to enter your Swyx Partner ID on the "Reseller Information" page of the License Wizzard.

    License Request Wizard
    License Request Wizard
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    This ID is displayed after logging in to the Swyx Partner Net.

    Swyx Partner Net
    Swyx Partner Net
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    Without this ID or with an invalid ID your license request can't be processed automatically.

  • The generated permanent license will be sent to the email address of the customer (which is given within the license request) and not to the email address the license request was sent from.

    If the request does not contain the email adresse of the customer it will not be processed automatically!

    License Request Wizard
    License Request Wizard
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    If you do not wish this for the license requests you sent us for your customers, we can permanently remove you from the automatism. Please ask us to do so ( In this case your license requests will be processed manually, as before.

  • The automatism will of course only process license requests which do not require any additional communication. License requests for existing servers after a hardware or customer change will still need some additional clarification. and will therfore be processed manually.

  • The automatism defines not only strict demands on the license request but also to the Swyx internal license database. It is possible that allthough the license request is completely valid it can't be processed because of invalid data within the license database. In this case we will process the request manually and fix the database as well, so the next license request will be processed automatically.


If because of one of the given reasons the license request can't be processed automatically it will be processed manually within the known short period of time.


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