TPP: Providing the global phonebook in SWYX DECT 800 (kb3776)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.12
  • SwyxWare v6.11
  • SwyxWare v6.10
  • SwyxDECT 800

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This article describes the possibility to provide the global phonebook (of SwyxWare) to DECT D300 phones via an ASCOM IMS appliance.



  • SwyxWare from 6.1x
  • Swyx DECT 800 Basestation and D300 handsets
  • ASCOM IMS Appliance
  • ESTOS Metadirectory 2.0
  • Backup of SwyxWare Database

The ASCOM IMS appliance provides an own central directory for the connected DECT devices. The required data for this central directory can be taken in a static way from a CSV file or can be prompted dynamically with the LDAP protocol.

This article is limited to the LDAP method.

Thus SwyxWare 6.1x does not yet provide an "open" directory service, it is necessary to use the functionalities of the 3rd party application "Metadirectory" of the vendor ESTOS. This tool is able to query the needed information from SwyxWare SQL database and provides via LDAP protocol.

A trial version of the product can be downloaded at the vendors’ website in different languages:

Please note, that the full version of this software is not free of charge!


1a. Installation

Install the software "Metadirectory" to permanent available Windowsserver in your network. This can be the SwyxWare server as well. The software comes with a self-explanatory wizard, that can be started by executing the delivered .msi paket.

  1. Create a useraccount of your choice for login and follow the instructions of the wizard.
  2. At the topic "Serversettings" configure the available TCP-ports of your machine. If possible use the recommended ports "7302" and "712".
  3. Deactivate the webservice. This is not needed for this scenario.
    Press Next.

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  4. At the topic “Location” disable the checkbox “Location uses PBX system”

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1b. Configuration of the software

After completing the setup please start the "ESTOS Metadirectory Administrator".

  1. Login with your user account.
  2. Please expand the folder "Database" and click on "Replicators".
    Press the button "Add" to add a new replicator.
    Activate the radio button "Import Replicator" and press Next.

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  3. At the topic "Data Source" choose the option "ODBC" and press Next.
  4. At the topic "User Login" define a user which has the necessary rights to retrieve the Database.
  5. At the topic "Database Wizard" press the button "Browse…".
    At the topic "Select Data Source" press the button "New…".
    At the topic "Create New Data Source" choose the entry "SQL Server" from the list and press "Next".

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    Assign a unique name to your DSN (e.g. Phonebook_from_SQL) and press "Next".
  6. a)
    Assign at the topic "Create a New Data Source to SQL Server" a description of your data source. (e.g. "SwyxWare Phonebook")
    Enter the correct name or address of your SQL server and appropriate stance.
    If your installation is a default SwyxWare-installation the following value is valid: .\SQLEXPRESS
    If your SQL server is remote server in your network don’t forget to activate the TCP-IP Connector.
    Then press "Next".

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    Enter the account-data of a valid database-user for authentication.
    Depending on each installation the Windows authentication can also be used.
    Press "Next".

    Choose the database IpPbx as default database.
    Press "Next".

    You can test your connection, if you want to. Just press the button "Test Data Source".

    At this point you have to go on very carefully.
    Activate the radio button "Directly enter a SQL statement"
    Enter the following SQL string into the field:

    SELECT Users.Name, InternalNumbers.Number FROM InternalNumbers INNER JOIN Users ON InternalNumbers.UserID = Users.UserID UNION SELECT Groups.Name, InternalNumbers.Number FROM InternalNumbers INNER JOIN Groups ON InternalNumbers.GroupID = Groups.GroupID UNION SELECT Name,Number FROM EditablePhoneBook WHERE Hide = 0
    Please care of typing the string exactly as described above in one line. An incorrect SQL query can harm the SQL Server (and SwyxWare) and can cause data loss!

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    At the topics "Contact Actions" and "Country or Region" is nothing to add. Just press "Next" on each window.

    At the topic "Replication Schedule" you can set the frequency of querying the database and therefore updating the global phonebook.
    Please choose a timely condition that fits your expectations.
    Note! Every replication loads the server-machine. Do not replicate more often as if it is needed. In most cases a daily replication is enough.

    Create a unique name for your new replicator.
    Please note: special characters and blanks are invalid.

    At the topic "Assigned Fields" you have to assign to each database field a related LDAP field. Please operate as follows:

    "Name" to "Diplayed Name"
    "Number" to "Primary Key"
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    Do not assign any other possible LDAP field to "Number". Even if they look like more elegant (e.g. Phone-Business, or Mobile or something). It would lead to corrupted number data!

    After completing the configuration of the replicator press "Start".
    Please check the status if the replication was successful.


1c. Configuring the LDAP server

  1. Expand the folder "Database"
  2. Click on "LDAP Server"
  3. Check for the correct TCP-Port (default)
  4. Choose the correct IP-Adress of the interface. (do not use "loopback"!)
  5. After that restart the LDAP service by clicking the "Restart" button.

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2. Configuring the DECT 800 basestation

Enter the IP-Address of your SWYX DECT 800 basestation into your browser. Login as "Admin". The essential configuration for using the global phonebook you will find in the menu "DECT" and the slide "SMS". Please enter the IP-Address of your IMS appliance here.


3. Configuring the IMS

Install the IMS device to your local network. Enter the IP-Address of your IMS into your browser with the option /admin.

  • E.g.:

Login as "Admin". In the configuration tree "System Setup" you will find the topic "IP-DECT" Enter her the IP-Address(es) of your DECT 800 basestation(s).

Now open the topic "Phonebook"

Enter the following values to the related fields. Please note the exactly spelling.

  • LDAP Server Adress: Adresse des Metadirectory Servers
  • Port Number: TCP-Port des Metadirectory (712 per default)
  • Search Base DN: dc=meta
  • Number Attribute: entryID
  •  Type of Name Attribute(s): One containing both first and family name
  • Name Attribute(s): displayName

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4. Using the global Phonebook in the menu of the D300 Handset

  • Open the topic "Phonebook"
  • Move the cursor to "Open Central" and press "YES"
  • Type the first letter(s) of the requested entry
  • Start the query by pressing "YES"


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