Operational availability of STUN service STUN.SWYX.COM (kb3685)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare all versions
  • PSTN termination via SIP- (Serviceprovider) Trunk

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This article clarifies the subject that the service STUN.SWYX.COM provided by Swyx Solutions is not a high-availalability STUN- service!


To connect a Swyxware (with non public IP-address) via SIP-Trunk to a SIP Service Provider, often an internet placed  STUN-server is needed.
Normally every SIP service provider provides its own stun-service for its customers.

The stun-service STUN.SWYX.COM maintained by Swyx Solutions is for testing and analysing use, only! Swyx Solutions cannot guarantee a failure-free operation of this service. Swyx Solutions reserves a subject to modify or even to set this service out of order temporarily. The abusive use of STUN.SWYX.COM can result in impairments of reachability and sudden abortion of calls.

Because of that STUN.SWYX.COM is not a substitute of the stun-service provided by your SIP service provider.

Swyxware is beeing delivered with many pre-configured SIP provider profiles. In a case that there is profile entry with STUN.SWYX.COM as entry you have to understand this entry as a wildcard for a needed stunserver entry.

More information on this:

Entries of established profiles will be replaced in the future by the respective stun server of each service provider.


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