SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 for Symbian (kb3675)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 (Symbian)
  • SwyxWare v6.11
  • SwyxWare v6.10

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Swyx releases SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 for Symbian.


SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 for Symbian is a new version of the SwyxIt! Mobile Client for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Mobile Phones. More information about Mobile Phones supported by SwyxIt! Mobile can be at the following Knowledgebase article: 

SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 for Symbian can be used with SwyxWare v6.10 und follow-up versions. It requires the installation of the Mobile Extension Managers (MEM) which is part of the Option Packs SwyxMobile and SwyxProfessional.

SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 contains the following changes in regards to version v1.00:

  • Incoming calls will be signalled by the native phone application. This results in the following changed behaviour:
    • Bitmaps associated to the configured contacts will be shown when an incoming call is signalled
    • Signalling of incoming calls can be set to mute by using the menu.
    • A locked phone can be unlocked after an incoming call was accepted by entering the PIN.
    • Incoming calls can be accepted by using the slider function. That means unlike the version v1.00 SwyxIt! Mobile v1.10 installed at a Mobile Phone with slider like e.g. Nokia N95 or Samsung SGH i520 offers the possibility to accept an incoming call by opening the phone (slider function).
  • Configuration of the SwyxIt! Mobile Autostart behaviour within the SwyxIt! Mobile settings. This additional setting allows the user to define if SwyxIt! Mobile is automatically started after the start of the Mobile Phone or not.

At phones which are already running SwyxIt! Mobile in version v1.00 the installation of version v1.10 can be performed as an update so that all configured settings will be kept.



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