Updating SwyxWare and the Database Server (kb3581)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.10

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Updating SQL Server 2000 (MS SQL Server 2000, MSDE 2000) to SQL Server 2005 (MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2005 Express) prior to a SwyxWare 6.10 Update.


SwyxWare 6.10 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as database server, in addition to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (MS SQL Server and MS-SQL Server Desktop Engine / MSDE). It is recommended in most cases to update the database server to MS SQL Server 2005. For further information please refer to article Check Swyxware Database Update (kb3450)

How to update your system (Update SwyxWare 6.02 to 6.10 and MSDE to SQL-Server Express):

  1. Backup the database. Please use the SwyxWare Configuration Wizard to create a backup of your database. Please make sure to note the file name of the backup file. When the backup is complete, this is confirmed in the "SwyxServer Database" dialog, and you can cancel the Configuration Wizard then.
  2. Uninstall MSDE. Remove the program "Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine" (Control Panel→Add/Remove programs).
  3. Install MS SQL Server 2005 Express. Please refer to the installation instruction for the SQL Server in the SwyxWare Administrator Documentation.
  4. Update SwyxWare. Please refer to the SwyxWare Administrator Documentation for further information on how to update SwyxWare. When you start the update, an error message is displayed in the "SwyxWare Database Update Check" dialog. The program cannot calculate the current size of the database, because the SwyxWare database is moved back only after SwyxWare has been updated successfully.
    Error Database Check
    Error Database Check
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  5. Select SQL Server instance. After the installation has been completed, the SwyxWare Configuration Wizard will start. Please select the SQL Server instance in the dialog "Connect to SQL Server". When you made a default installation of MS SQLServer Express, you need to enter here "(local)\SQLEXPRESS".
    Selection SQL Server Instance
    Selection SQL Server Instance
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  6. Create a database. Please select "Create database" in the "Database Installation Mode" dialog.
    Create Database
    Create Database
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  7. Create database account. Please enter a password in the following dialog "Create Database Account".
  8. Restore database. In the next step, in the dialog "SwyxServer Database", restore the database you backed up in step 1.
  9. Further configuration steps. Follow the steps of the Configuration Wizard.


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