SwyxConnect Firmware 6.36.0018 (kb3526)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxConnect 1724
  • SwyxConnect 1722
  • SwyxConnect 1723

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This article describes all solved problems with the SwyxConnect Firmware 6.36.0018.


List of solved problems:

  • Swyx00013451
    SwyxConnect will crash and reboot if a user make a call to SwyxWare but the services are stopped.
  • Swyx00013714
    SwyxConnects accepts secondary call for ISDN device - Call is disconnected, second call stays ringing.
  • Swyx00013777
    On outgoing calls to the PSTN the SwyxConnect does not transmit the correct calling party number.
  • Swyx00013891
    SwyxConnect does not use RFC3325 on incoming anonymous calls.
  • Swyx00014265
    SwyxConnect crashes if ISDN call is routed to the box and the physical connection, SwyxConnect - ISDN, is disconnected.
  • Swyx00014381
    Number suppression (CLIR) on outgoing calls to PSTN through SwyxConnect does not work.


Currently there is the following problem known:

  • Swyx00016474
    Strange calling party number in case of incoming call from PSTN via SwyxConnect to SwyxWare with number suppression.

This problem occurs when using the SwyxConnect on a PtMP ISDN line. This is in fact a SwyxWare problem and will be solved with one of the following QuickFixes / MaintenancePacks.


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