Import user from LDAP directory or Excel sheet (kb3451)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.02

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From SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1 (kb3415), user files can be imported from an Excel table or a directory service into the SwyxWare database. All directory services which grant LDAP access are supported. Tests were done  with Microsoft Active Directory and SunOne Directory Server.

You can use the following functions:

  • Import of users (name and phone number)
  • Detection of location from the phone number
  • E-mail notification to new SwyxWareusers

You can find the program ’IPPbxUserImport’ on the SwyxWare CD in the directory ’tools\SwyxUserImportAssistant’.



The program IPPbxUserImport can only create users if it is started by a user who has at least administrator rights. If you want to import from an LDAP directory, the current Windows user account must be a member of this domain.

  • Copy the directory ’tools\SwyxUserImportAssistant’ from the SwyxWare CD locally on to the PC on which the SwyxWare Administration is installed.
  • Start IPPbxUserImport.
  • Authenticate the access to the SwyxServer either under the current Windows user account or with user name and password.
    The user account must have at least SwyxWare user administrator rights.
  • Specify the source from which the user data is imported:
  • Specify the location and the group membership of the new users. You can also make the location automatically identifiable from
    the phone number.
        • Directory service

Connection to LDAP directory
Specify the path to the LDAP Directory Server whose user data you want to import (e.g. ’LDAP:// DC=company,DC=net). If the current Windows user account is not sufficient for the
LDAP access, activate the checkbox and enter here a name (e.g. "CN=Jones\, Tom,OU=Development,
OU=Users,OU=Dortmund,DC=company,DC=net") and associated password as authentication parameters.
If the PC is a member of an Active Directory domain and the current Windows user account is a member of this domain, a link to this own Active Directory is automatically suggested. You can select or delete existing profiles from previous
imports from the selection list. You can check with ’Test’ whether the entered authentication
parameters are sufficient.

Selection of the organizational unit
Select in the tree structure the organizational units (OU) whose users you want to import.:
- from the Windows user account,
- the full name,
- last name, first name.
If you want to import only users who already have a phone number in the LDAP directory, activate the corresponding

        • Excel file

Excel Import
Specify the XLS file, and the sheet with the user data to be imported. Assign the column names in the Excel table to the corresponding SwyxWare data (minimum user name, external number and e-mail address, optional Windows-Useraccount and/or comment).  

  • You can define a user here to serve as a template for the new users. 
  • You also specify the call permissions and the feature profile of the new users.
  • Decide whether public phone numbers should be copied in the import.
  • If you want to assign internal numbers, activate the checkbox and specify how many final digits of the phone numbers should be
  • Activate the checkbox if the new users should receive an e-mail with their SwyxWare user data after their creation. You can
    specify the e-mail server and the text of the e-mail here, using ’Configure e-mail’.
  • A list of the users to be imported is displayed with all individual parameters. You can still edit this now. Users who are already present are neither displayed nor imported; the selection criterion for this is the user name.
  • The users are imported.
    If the import of a user fails, a red error message appears in the list, otherwise there is a green success message. The numbers of successful and failed imports are also shown after a run. You may be able to change user parameters here in the list of
    failed imports, and start a new import.
  • An overview of all imported users is then displayed.
  • Close the program with ’End’.

All imported users now appear as activated SwyxWare users with the configured properties in the SwyxWare Administration.

You can use this similar like the function "Create new user account and apply the properties of an existing user" when creating a user within SwyxWare Administration to copy the settings from a default-user.
At the moment there is one restriction: files from the user-datafolder (i.e. skins, ringtones, callrouting-scripts) are not copied. But this functionality is already planed for a future version.


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