Addressed Defects in SwyxWare v6.02 (kb3417)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare Administration v6.02
  • SwyxIt! v6.02
  • SwyxFax Server v6.02
  • SwyxFax Client v6.02
  • SwyxWare v6.02
  • SwyxFax Server v6.01
  • SwyxFax Client v6.01
  • SwyxIt! v6.01
  • SwyxWare v6.01
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.01

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This article contains a list of resolved Defects addressed in SwyxWare v6.02


Beside the new extensions described in Knowledge Base article Summary of changes within SwyxWare v6.02 (kb3416)SwyxWare v6.02 addresses the following issues:

  • Old entries will not be deleted from table "ChangeNotificationSubscription".
  • In special scenarios SwyxPhone locks up because of a deadlock in PhoneManager on notification calls.
  • Increase late disconnect timeout in gateway to match ISDN T306 on network side.
  • In special scenarios standalone gateway does not register trunks automatically after failover.
  • Sending/Receiving faxes via internal S0 does not work reliable in special scenarios
  • Phone does not ring in situations with extreme server load.
  • Deleting gateway trunks without any configuration takes too long
  • In special scenarios ISDN driver does not detect layer 1 after very short interruption.
  • Primary/Fallback server switching in fax client fails in special scenarios
  • It's impossible to stop SwyxFax Server via SwyxFax Administration if the network connection is interrupted
  • No online help in SwyxFax Administration menus in German version.
  • FaxServer enter to endless loop in special conditions.
  • Sheduled faxes become "ERROR" state after FaxServer restart.
  • SwyxFax Server and FaxClient hangs up during mass fax sending.
  • Conversation recording is stopped on knocking sound when micro is muted.
  • Slow speed dial status change after intercom call.
  • SwyxIt! as CTI Slave switches lines slowly.
  • In special scenarios Switch-on Media streaming is delayed.
  • Client exe crashes on Logoff after disconnecting VPN connection.
  • In special scenarios ConferenceManager stops to process conference calls.
  • Ad-hoc conference fails if conference user always prompts for PIN authorization.
  • In special scenarios Database restore fails.
  • Wrong Autologin after Reboot.
  • Swyx DECT handset does not show the calling party name.
  • Sometimes trunks loose their registration for a short period.
  • Incoming SIP trunk call to Swyx DECT 800 fails.
  • Swyx DECT: No ringing tone on outgoing ISDN calls.
  • It's not possible to fetch voicemails using Remote Inquiry with MS Exchange Server 2007.
  • Conversation record isn't saved if destination folder is changed without SwyxLink restart.
  • The trunk assignment in the LinkManager does not work on the basis Recognition-URI.
  • Incoming calls from some SIP providers don't work.
  • Incoming SIP trunk call using compression is disconnected after "ConnectTo group".
  • In special scenarios LinkManager dumps on concurrent DTMF and disconnect events.
  • Incoming calls via Toplink do not work after a couple of days.
  • DTMF on incoming call via LinkManager do not work if DTMF is started in the alerting state.
  • Number Replacement profile "Transparent" doesn't work as expected for ISDN.
  • Number suppression does not work if this is configured on SwyxPhone line.
  • Hidden number in global phonebook is displayed on SwyxPhones.
  • SwyxPhone does not re-logon automatically after it was logged off by Administrator.
  • In special scenarios deadlock in PhoneManager caused hanging threads in the Server.
  • Estimated call time in parameter "Average call time" in "Set Queue Attributes" GSE block should be done in minutes.
  • In special scenarios SwyxGate throws access violation.
  • Call get stuck in Gateway if "ConnectReq" is not confirmed by ISDN driver.
  • Under special circumstances no incoming calls are accepted any more.
  • Gateway in standby scenario does not register all trunks at switchover.
  • Standalone Gateway does not register at server in standby environment.
  • Gateway crashes on receiving "AOC-S" via ISDN.
  • In special scenarios no SSL connection to Mail Server possible because loading of SSL helper libraries "libeay32.dll" and "slleay32.dll" failed.
  • French version: Unsupported sampling rate for some SwyxWare wav files.
  • Transfer to Swyx DECT 800 user in group Sales via Operator script fails.
  • SwyxWare internal calls are signalled as external calls on Swyx DECT handset.
  • Standby: network failure between Main SwyxServer and Standby SwyxServer leads to a forced log off of clients.
  • In special scenarios Testmail can not be sent to some mail servers.
  • Group call notifications configured with relations do not work if call was redirected.
  • GetDTMFChar only works if call is accepted via "PlaySound" before.
  • Incoming calls on SIP trunk get disconnected when being transferred.
  • Blind call transfer information not displayed.
  • Call transfer to CallQueue script fails if transfer is initiated via drag'n drop to speed dial key.
  • Call transfer to CallQueue script fails if transfer is initiated while CallQueue call is on hold.
  • Call transfer to CallQueue script fails if transfer is initiated while CallQueue call is delivered to Group.
  • Permanent license file not accepted when no IDE controller present.
  • Activation of external call on hold fails, if call was also delivered to parallel target.
  • Audiocodes redundant mode does not work together with SwyxWare Standby.
  • Incorrect number of repetitions in the "Get DTMF char" block.
  • Hunt group call handling very slow is case of multiple busy group members using SIP based client.
  • Calls from ISDN at SwyxConnect get lost when they are put on hold via script or parked in call queue.
  • Master/Standby configuration wizard will be restarted in case of wrong domain admin username or password.
  • Forwarding, secondary call, number suppression do not always work in a master/standby system.
  • Unexpected error when adding an additional permanent license key.
  • Missing meaningful error message when trying to add "Swyx Update Service" licenses within Administration.
  • Operator user has no short name.
  • Number mapping disappears trying to map a second number which was already in use.
  • T-Online (DE) SIP profile does not work with modified settings.
  • SwyxWare Administration overview page displays wrong license information in case of quitting server properties by 'Cancel' button.
  • In special scenarios it is impossible to delete user correctly at SwyxWare Administration
  • Administration offers codices for trunk recording which don't work in case additional recording codices are added via xml file.
  • In special scenarios Public numbers are unexpectedly deleted within SwyxWare Administration.
  • For some special scenarios Snom phones do not work correctly.
  • SwyxWare Administration does not display correct icons.
  • All number mappings disappear if SwyxLink is deleted.
  • SwyxWare Administration does not work correctly on systems with two active network cards.
  • It's not possible to disconnect a registered SIP trunk.


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