Summary of changes within SwyxWare v6.02 (kb3416)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare Administration v6.02
  • SwyxIt! v6.02
  • SwyxFax Server v6.02
  • SwyxFax Client v6.02
  • SwyxFax Server v6.01
  • SwyxFax Client v6.01
  • SwyxIt! v6.01
  • SwyxWare v6.01
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.01
  • SwyxWare v6.00

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This document describes the extensions of SwyxWare version v6.01 to version v6.02.


With release v6.02 SwyxIt! becomes Microsoft Vista (32-Bit-version) and Outlook 2007 compatible, so that users can take advantage of additional features and functions within Vista and Outlook 2007.
A further highlight is the integration and support of the SwyxDECT 800 solution. SwyxDECT 800 vastly improves the previous DECT offering from Swyx with the addition of features such as base-station handover/roaming.
SwyxIt! 6.02 also provides enhanced instant search capabilities on all contact lists simultaneously. With the new instant search feature is it much easier and faster to find a relevant contact.
Bulk registration capability has been dramatically improved for Version 6.02, with SwyxWare systems of up to 500 users being able to register with the SwyxServer within a 5-minute time period: this is particularly important for larger systems utilising the SwyxStandby option.
Further improvements and additions within 6.02 include:
  • Improved SIP provider connectivity and registration behaviour
  • Call Routing Manager and GSE improvements to build & handle call routing profiles
  • SwyxFax Server improved handling capabilities for mass fax sending and receiving
  • Improved connection of Sub-PBXs to SwyxWare
  • Improved administration performance (for example when creating users or deleting trunks)
  • Accelerated bulk re-registration of users in case of switching from master to standy server
  • Many additional performance and stability improvements, this applies to all products: SwyxIt!, SwyxFax Client, SwyxServer, SwyxWare Administration and SwyxFax Server
Beside the new features described above SwyxWare v6.02 addresses a number of issues appearing in previous versions. For detailed list please refer to the Knowledge Base article Addressed Defects in SwyxWare v6.02 (kb3417).


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