Open an URL with call parameters from SwyxIt. (kb3410)

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  • SwyxIt! v6.02

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SwyxIt! skins support shortcut keys to start arbitrary programs. This article explains how to open an URL containing call parameter such as the caller number.


SwyxIt itself is not able to insert call parameter into the command line of a shortcut key. However, it is still possible by using the following trick.

Write a short vbscript which uses SwyxIt!-API to retrieve call parameter, compose the URL and open it.

The following example shows how to retrieve the caller number for an active or incoming call, to build a URL and open in t. The script queries SwyxIt for the currently selected line, retrieves the caller number, appends it to a predefined URL and opens it:

' url to open
dim szURL
szURL = ""

' get SwyxIt Line Manager object
dim clmgr
set clmgr = WScript.CreateObject("CLMGR.ClientLineMgr")

' get currently selected line
dim oLine
set oLine = clmgr.DispSelectedLine

dim szNumber
szNumber = oLine.DispPeerNumber

' open URL
dim oWsh
set oWsh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oWsh.Run szUrl + szNumber

Save the script somewhere on the client's harddisk, e.g. as openurl.vbs. In SwyxIt! configure a shortcut key to execute the following command-line:

%systemroot%\system32\wscript.exe "C:\scripts\openurl.vbs"

Change the path to the script as necessary. A click on that shortcut key opens the URL defined in the script in the standard-webbrowser with the callernumber as parameter, e.g.

The whole client API is available in the script. You can retrieve any other available parameter. E.g. to retrieve the call ID os the current call as it is written into the Call Detail Record on the server you can use

szCallID = oLine.DispCallID

Details about the Client-API with sample code can be found here: SwyxIt! v6.02 Client SDK (kb3373)


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