Installation V6.0x licenses of older versions and update key (kb3400)

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This article describes the process when reinstalling SwyxWare Version 6.0x using licenses of older versions and related update key version 6.0x.



To reinstall SwyxWare Version 6.0x with licenses of older versions and related update key, you have several options.

1. Option - Installation with limited license keys

  • ALL original limited licenses have to be added during installation of SwyxServer (all licenses that have been used up to now, inclusive the update license and option packs). After reinstallation SwyxWare please send a license request as usual to make all licenses permanent.

2. Option - Evaluation installation

  • During installation of SwyxWare you may choose the "Evaluation" option. In this case the software will not ask for any license key. If installation is completed all options can be used with 5 users, inclusive 4 VoiceChannels and 2 FaxChannels. Using SwyxWare administration please add ALL original limited licenses (all licenses that have been used up to now, inclusive the update license and option packs). Keep in mind - all licenses which have not been replaced by original limited licenses will be shown in SwyxWare administration until 30 days from day of installation.

3. Exception

  • If you are using a SwyxWare version 5.0x along with licenses of version 6.0x you need to enter the Server license as "Update License" when performing the update to SwyxWare v6.0x.


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