Headset H380 configured for SwyxIt! (kb3364)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Headset H380 (DECT, monaural)
  • SwyxPhone L540
  • SwyxPhone L520s
  • SwyxPhone L440
  • SwyxPhone L420
  • SwyxIt! all versions

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Headset H380 will be connected via USB to the PC and is so available as audio device for SwyxIt!.

It is possible to connect Headset H380 simultaneously to SwyxPhone.


Installation for coexsistent connections to the PC and to SwyxPhone

To connect a Headset H380 to Swyxphone You need:

  • an Acoustic Adapter for SwyxPhone
  • a SwyxPhone which has an option bay for this Acoustic Adapter: SwyxPhone L420s, L520s, L440, L540.

If the SwyxPhone has two option bays for the Acoustic Adapter (L420s, L520s), please use the option bay near to the handset base. If the other option bay is used, short interruptions during a conversation or a bad sound quality can be observed.

Connect the output 'Phone' of the Headset H380 to the Acoustic Adapter and the output 'PC' to the USB port of the PC. Now You can accept incoming calls for SwyxIt! or SwyxPhone using the Headset H380.

Please use the both silver buttons on the base station to define which device (SwyxPhone or SwyxIt!) will be used if the hook button of the Headset H380 is used. Default is the hook of the SwyxPhone. Under the SwyxPhone button on the base station a blue LED is lighted (active). Please press the hook button for the PC on the base station until the associated blue LED will glow to activate the hook for SwyxIt!.

Independent of this configuration it is always possible to accept incoming calls via SwyxIt! Skin or the headset button on the SwyxPhone or to make phone calls using the handset of the SwyxPhone. Also You can accept an incoming call by pressing the accordant hook button of the H380 base station.

Drop-outs in the conversation

If the Headset H380 is connected to the PC sometimes it is possible to observe drop-outs during a conversation. To resolve this problem, please operate in the following way:

  • Remove the silver top cover of the base station.
  • Beside a display You will find four buttons in a circle, the 'joystick'.
  • Navigate to the right using the 'right' button of the joystick and choose the 'music note' symbol.
  • Navigate 'down' over "Treble", "Normal" and "Bass" and over th the blank lines. You will find "Fixed" and "Switch".
  • Default is an asterisk after "Switch" that means this option is activated.
  • Choose the option '"Fixed" and press "OK". The option will be saved.


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