SwyxIt! under Windows Vista (kb3355)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v6.20
  • SwyxIt! v6.12
  • SwyxIt! v6.11
  • SwyxIt! v6.10
  • SwyxIt! v6.02

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SwyxIt! since v6.02 runs under Windows Vista. The following restrictions take place:

  • Some Audio devices are not supported or require updates (see information below).
  • Application sharing is not supported.
  • Use DNS method for distributing the SwyxServer addresses instead of DHCP
  • Due to a Microsoft Vista bug, QoS/DiffServ won't work
  • General problems with local audiodevices in Windows Vista before SP1
  • Headset connector at P250 after Vista SP1


Application Sharing

SwyxIt! Application Sharing is based on Microsoft NetMeeting. Windows Vista does not support Microsoft NetMeeting by default. Therefore SwyxIt! Application Sharing is not running on Windows Vista.

Supported Sound Devices on Windows Vista before SP1

  • Handset P250: The device is fully supported.
  • K410 (GN 8110): The device needs a firmware update for Windows Vista. The update application can be downloaded from the GN Netcom homepage.
  • K410 (GN 8110 XP): The device is fully supported.
  • K411: The device is supported. Within the control panel of the playback device, Windows Vista displays additional level sliders for controlling the microphone feedback level into the headset speaker. This setting has to be adjusted manually by the user to a comfortable level. As with Windows 2000 and XP, the buttons of the headset control are not linked to any Windows or SwyxIt! control but can be used anyway to mute the microphone.
  • K412: The device needs a firmware update for Windows Vista. The update application can be downloaded from the GN Netcom homepage.
  • Headset H360: The device is fully supported.
  • Headset H370 / H380: All new devices (later than 28th February 2007) will support Microsoft Vista (Revision I, software version 0117). For old devices please contact the support.
  • Headset H390: The first hardware revision does not support Windows Vista. A new hardware USB-dongle supporting Windows Vista is delivered since January 2007. 
    For old USB-dongles please contact the support for replacement.

Sound Devices officially not Supported on Windows Vista

  • Handset P200
  • Handset P220
  • H350: Hook support via COM-Port

SwyxServer Detection via DHCP

SwyxWare supports two mechanisms of distributing the SwyxServer name to SwyxIt! clients (see SwyxWare documentation):

  • Vendor specific DCHP option 43 (magic string IPPBXSRV as hex digits, followed by 4 bytes server IP address and 4 bytes fallback server IP address)
  • Configure DNS entries "" and "", resolving to the IP addresses of your SwyxServer and fallback server (replace with your own domain name).

Windows Vista does no longer support vendor specific DHCP option 43. So please use the DNS method for distributing the SwyxServer addresses when you are using Windows Vista.

QoS / DiffServ

SwyxIt! uses the Microsoft Windows API GQoS to handle audio streams preferably within the network and on the local system. For this purpose, e.g. the 802.1p flag is set for layer 2, if this is supported by the network card, and on layer 3, a DiffServ label 0x2E (Expedited Forwarding) is added to the IP Headers of the audio data. Unfortunately this mechanism doesn't work any longer under Windows Vista, in spite of previous assurance from Microsoft. This problem will be resolved by Microsoft with SP1 for Windows Vista. 

If you want to use a workaround, you can configure a group policy to activate QoS under Vista for particular applications. 

General problems with local audiodevices in Windows Vista

Due to changes within Microsoft Windows Vista compared to Windows XP problems within the audio area could occur. Please read SwyxIt! and audio problems of Vista (kb3595). Microsoft has corrected this problems with SP1 for Vista.

Headset connector at P250 after Vista SP1

Because of changes in Windows Vista SP1 it is not possible any more to use a headset attached to the P250. Please see also:
Headset connected to Handset P250 doesn't work with Windos Vista (SP1 and 2) and Windows 7 (kb3817)
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