SwyxWare v6.01 Maintenance Pack 2 (kb3269)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.01
  • SwyxWare CD v6.01

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v6.00 Maintenance Pack 2.

To check which version you have currently installed on your system click the "Check for updates" link in SwyxWare Administration or click on the "Product updates" link in the support information of SwyxWare in in the Add/Remove Programs list in Windows control panel.

Please note the common hints on Maintenance Packs in the following Knowledgebase articles:


Maintenance Packs of SwyxWare version v5.0 or newer are shipped as patches based on Microsoft Windows Installer, which has a couple of advantages:

  • No manual replacements of executables necessary
  • Services are automatically stopped and started
  • Unique version number to easy see which Maintenance Pack is installed
  • Maintenance Packs can be easily removed if necessary
  • Smaller download size

To install the Maintenance Pack execute setup.msp and follow the Installation Wizard.

The knowledgebase article

describes problems solved by Maintenance Pack 1. Additionally Maintenance Pack 2 addresses the following issues:
  • Script property 'IsGroupOrUserBusy' delivers wrong result in case number to query is different from called number.

  • Status of user not set to "active" after user picked up call.

  • Late disconnect not working with call retry on ISDN trunk.

  • Data calls from sub PBX ISDN line not handled correctly and CIP calue not sent transparently to externel ISDN line.

  • Wrong calling party number on incoming calls from SIP Provider T-Online.

  • Outgoing SIP call using provider T-Online does not work.

  • Master/Standby can not be installed on a domain controller.

  • Server looses change interests in Standby scenario.

  • Server suppresses internal number on internal calls if number suppression is activated within SwyxIt!.

  • Use IP address as WSBaseUrl when connecting the local computer.

  • LinkMgr dumped in the sequel of a 484 response to an INVITE.

  • PIKA analoge channel not freed if call is canceled while establishment.

  • Fix problem installing a stand alone gateway in a standby environment.

  • Script option CLIMode=0 does not work for calls initiated from internal users to external detsination.

  • Passive hold with link at the provider side fails using G729.

  • LinkManager: reduced CPU load if many channels are in use.

  • LinkManager dumped on incoming call.

  • Sometimes Quescom connected via SIP Link stops audio transmission.

  • External outgoing call with overlap sending is shown wrong in CDR.

  • CDR does not contain origination device name until call is connected.

  • Dialnumbers in CDRs are incorrectly formatted.

  • CDR discarded in case of CDR writing to file and file is locked by other process.

  • WaitForDisconnect script action not confirmed after call transfer scenario / prevent call retry action if call was already connected.

  • Voice gets scrambled, after DTMF tones are send from external PSTN user in case of I-Node SIP Trunk usage.

  • Reinvite from INode SIP Provider causes one way mediastreaming.

  • LinkManager: implementation of special feature regarding CLIR for "customized" installation.

  • Cannot receive anonymous calls from provider Telenor.

  • No registration with SIP provider possible.

  • "Overdial" digits of incoming called party will be attached to ConnectTo destination, which is wrong.

  • In some cases multiple CDRs are written with the same call ID.

  • There are three 'Call Detail Records' entries for one twin-call.

  • Audio sounds scrambled in case comfort noise packets are sent to LinkManager.

  • When (re-)connecting to CDS a new LibMgr is used.

  • No media streaming after call transfer (blind or normal) to external party or group.

  • It's not possible to register Nokia E60 device at SwyxWare as SIP user.

  • SwyxIt! display shows group member instead of group name if a group is called.

  • Sometimes gateway rejects to make outgoing calls even if free b-channel is available.

  • Sometimes Trunk Recordings contains wrong date (19700101) and wrong time (010000) for incoming calls.

  • Sometimes different participants of a conference recognize silence parts although the speaker continues to speak.

  • External Call to callrouting script is cancled in case of cascaded script.

  • Trunk recording stops after the call was on hold with SIP trunks.

  • Internal/External check in script fails after call transfer.

  • Voicemail orignator email address with underscore trigger wrong encoding.

  • PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber returns wrong value after call transfer.

  • Trunk recording stops after the call was on hold with SIP trunks.


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