Important information about Maintenance Packs (kb3217)

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This article describes some common but important information about Maintenance Packs released by Swyx between the usual product releases.


Please read this article carefully to ensure that you understand the purpose and risks of a Maintenance Pack and your responsibility as customer.


What is a Maintenance Pack?
What does Swyx do to ensure the quality of a Maintenance Pack?

What is necessary to install a Maintenance Pack?
Notes on creating a backup


What is a Maintenance Pack?

A Maintenance Pack is a software package for installation issued between two succeeding product versions, which will solve problems. A Maintenance Pack does not include any new features so that users and administrators will usually not experience any changes regarding the use of the product.

As soon as a new Maintenance Pack becomes available, Swyx Partners will be informed via a knowledgebase article containing a list of the problems resolved in this Maintenance Pack. The second way of publication is via the Support web pages, where Maintenance Packs are available for download.

Maintenance Packs are basically cumulative, i.e. each new Maintenance Pack includes all the bug fixes of any previous Maintenance Pack for the same product version. Furthermore, it contains all the bug fixes included in so called QuickFixes, which address specific customer problems, and some more.

Swyx provides a special Maintenance Pack for each supported language version.

What does Swyx do to ensure the quality of a Maintenance Pack?

Swyx tries to minimize side effects in the source code during the development of the Maintenance Pack and performs in-depth revisional tests. These include a thorough validation of all the bug fixes in this Maintenance Pack in particular. In addition, all bug fixes already addessed in QuickFixes will be thoroughly validated again.

Thus, Swyx generally recommends to install the latest Maintenance Pack for a product version.

What is necessary to install a Maintenance Pack?

Maintenance Packs are provided as installable "Patch Packages" that contain only the files which were changed since the last product version. This means that the product for which the Maintenance Pack was created needs to be installed (together with the previous Maintenance Pack, if any). However, if you want to update from an old product version to a new version including the Maintenance Pack, you need to perform the product update first, and after that you can install the latest Maintenance Pack.

Please read the Readme file included in each Maintenance Pack before installing the package.

During the installation of a Maintenance Pack you may be asked by the Setup program to enter the path to the original product version. This will occurr when you have replaced installed files manually. In order to keep Maintenance Packs small and manageable, they contain in general only the binary differences of the files to be replaced.

Notes on creating a backup

Before you install a Maintenance Pack, we suggest to make a complete backup of the system, so that this can be recovered if necessary. You should create a backup of the SwyxWare database in particular, as described in the following knowledgebase article:

Furthermore we suggest to backup any special settings you may have applied to your Windows Registry. To do this, save all the settings under:

  • \HKLM\Software\Swyx



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