Configuration of Message Waiting Indication (MWI) with 3rd-party SIP devices (kb3176)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.00

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This article describes how to configure 3rd-party SIP devices for the feature "Message Waiting Indication" (MWI).


The MWI configuration requires setting changes in SwyxWare Adminstration and at the devices.

  • Voicemail settings in SwyxWare:
    • Open the SwyxWare Adminstration and choose a user to be configured for MWI.

    • Use the right mouse button to enter the user´s properties menu.

    • You see the "Preferences" tab. Choose "Call Forwarding..." in the Call Routing section.

    Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding
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    • A new window with the "Call Forwarding Unconditional" tab is opened. Here you can choose whether incoming calls for this user should be redirected immediately. If so, select "Forward all Calls immediately" and choose "Default call forwarding" for a permanent or "Temporary call forwarding" for a temporary call redirection. Select "Standard Voicemail" so that calling partners will be forwarded immediately to your mailbox and may leave a voicemail message.

    Call Forwarding Unconditional
    Call Forwarding Unconditional
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    • If you wish to configure call forwarding in case of no reply or busy you can do so similarly on the "Call Forwarding No Reply" or "Call Forwarding Busy" tabs.

    • The remote inquiry settings to listen to your voicemail messages can be configured on the "Standard Remote Inquiry" tab. You can enter and confirm the PIN number to access your mailbox and specify a mail server with user account and password (normally your Windows login information). All further settings on this tab can be left unchanged.

    Standard Remote Inquiry
    Standard Remote Inquiry
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    • Choose the "Standard Voicemail" tab to change the standard voicemail settings. If not already done, you can now set up a welcome announcement, activate voicemail recording and enter an e-mail address to which the voicemails will be sent. Choose "Start Remote Inquiry using the *-key" so that you can enter the options menu by pressing the "*" key on the phone when listening to your voicebox.

    Standard Voicemail
    Standard Voicemail
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    • Close the two windows by confirming your changes with "OK".

  • MWI settings at the device:
    • For mailbox inquiry it is necessary to configure the phone´s number extension as MWI telefone number.

    • You have to choose SIP INFO as DTMF method so that DTMF commands during mailbox inquiry won´t be done via RFC 2833 but via SIP INFO.

Now, the feature MWI is active. If a calling partner has left a voicemail message in your mailbox this is indicated by the telephone, e.g. by a blinking LED. To make an inquiry about your mailbox you can press the mailbox callback soft key on the phone or dial your own number. Now, you hear your own voicemail announcement which can be interrupted by pressing the "*" key. You will be asked to enter your PIN followed by the "#" key to enter the options menu. After that, follow the acoustic instructions to listen to your voicemail messages.

It might be possible to configure a function key on the phone with the complete key sequence (own number, "*" key, PIN and "#" key), so that you can enter the options menu of your mailbox with only one key hit. For this purpose the telephone must be able to wait for the connect command which arrives after the input of the phone number. Usually this can be configured with the "," key. Maybe after pressing the "*" key an additional pause is also required so that the voicemail announcement has time to start.


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