Configuration of SwyxWare 6.0 to connect 2N GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite (kb3142)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.01
  • 2N VoIP GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite
  • SwyxWare v6.00
  • SwyxWare v5.01

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This article describes how to configure SwyxWare 6.0 for connecting a 2N VoIP - GSM gateway Voiceblue.

Further arcticles of this series:

This article is for "Lite" Version of 2N Voiceblue only!
Other versions of this gateway (e.g. "Enterprise") are not tested for compatibility at present!
An error free operation at SwyxWare with other Versions of 2N GSM Gateway can not be guaranteed!


Configuration of the gateway:

The special configuration of the Voiceblue gateway is published in article Connecting a 2N VoIP GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite to Swyxware (kb3139).

Configuration of SwyxWare:

The following instructions describe the runs through the configuration wizards of each feature. You can configure all necessary values in the wizards.

  1. Add new Location
    It is recommended to add a unique location fort this gateway…

  2. Location specific codes and prefixes
    … so you can define the “Area Code” of the mobile net. It is much easier then to make calls within your mobile net.

  3. Add new Trunk Group / Trunk Group Name and Description

  1. Trunk Group Type
    Trunk Group Type: SIP
    Profile: Customized SIP

  1. SIP Settings
    SIP registration!

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  2. Specify SIP Settings for this Trunk Group
    Proxy:“IP-Adresse of the Gateway”
    Port: 5060

  1. Stun Server Settings
    Stun support!

  2. Definition of Routing
    Define what kind of called numbers should be routed with this Trunkgroup.
    E.g. internal calls only, all external…

  3. Add new Trunk / Trunkname
    Enter a unique name of the new trunk.

  4. SIP Trunk Provider / User Data
    enter a unique user-ID.

  1. Subscriber Numbers
    Add the subscriber numbers of the SIM-card you plugged in.
    If your subscriber numbers are coherently to each other, you may add the first and the last number.
    Otherwise you can let the field of the last subscriber number empty.

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  1. Trunk Group Properties
    At least the profile of the Trunk Group properties has to be customized.
    Especially you need to set the number formatting of all possible calls to „National“. Otherwise it is not possible to make any call.

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  1. Add User / Add Group

    Any subscriber number has to be assigned to at least one user or user-group.
    You have to add these users or groups to the new added location. This makes a “Direct Dial In” possible.


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