Configuration of Swyxware 5.01 to connect a 2N GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite (kb3141)

The information in this article applies to:

  • 2N VoIP GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite
  • SwyxWare v6.00
  • SwyxWare v5.01

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This article describes how to configure Swyxware 5.01 for connecting a 2N VoIP - GSM gateway Voiceblue.

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This article is for "Lite" Version of 2N Voiceblue only!
Other versions of this gateway (e.g. "Enterprise") are not tested for compatibility at present!
An error free operation at Swyxware with other Versions of 2N GSM Gateway can not be guaranteed!



The Voiceblue-Gateway operates as a Swyx-Link without registration. Therefore it is a basic condition to install HOTFIX 4 for Swyxware 5.01before you start configuring Swyxware!

Configuration of the gateway:

The special configuration of the Voiceblue gateway is published in another article (the articles in the summary).

Configuration of Swyxware:

  1. Add a new Swyxlink with Swyxware-Administration.

  2. Link Type:
    Select „Link to SIP provider“.

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  1. SIP Account
    To specify your SIP-Account the following special configuration is needed.

    Select the option „Custom“ in the provider selection. After that press the „Configure“ button:

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  1. SIP Provider Settings:
    Proxy: IP-Adresse des GSM-Gateway

    Port: 5060

    Registrar: „noregistration

    Port: 5060

    Number format: National

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  1. Type of SIP Trunk:
    With Swyxware 5.01 the Gateway does not support “Direct Dial In“. Select “Simple SIP Trunk“ and add a destination for incoming calls.

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  1. Routed Numbers:
    To define, which external calls should be routed via this trunk you can add external destinations or area codes.
    e.g. +49171* and/or +49172*, or 492314777* …

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  1. Codecs
    At least you can select the audio-codecs to be used:
    2N Voiceblue can be used with high and low bandwidth Voice.

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