Connecting a 2N VoIP GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite to Swyxware (kb3139)

The information in this article applies to:

  • 2N VoIP GSM Gateway Voiceblue Lite
  • SwyxWare v6.00
  • SwyxWare v5.01

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This article describes how to connect and configure a GSM Gateway to a Swyxware-Server.
It is possible to use this gateway with Swyxware Version 5.01 or Version 6.0. With Version 5.01 it is absolutely necessary to install Hotfix 4 first.

The configuration of the SwyxWare can be found in the articles:

This article is for "LITE" Version of 2N Voiceblue only!
Other versions of this gateway (e.g. "Enterprise") are not tested for compatibility at present!
An error free operation at Swyxware with other Versions of 2N GSM Gateway cannot be guaranteed!


Configuring the Gateway:

You cannot use your browser to configure because there is no web interface in 2N Voiceblue. Therefore you have to connect the gateway via serial port to your local computer and you need to install the 2N configuration utilities .

System Parameters:

· IP setting:
You will have to assign a static IP-adress and have to configure the subnet-mask and the IP-router manually. DHCP-Service is not supported by the gateway.

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· PIN:
Configure the PIN of your SIM-Cards.

Unfortunately it is necessary that all SIM-Cards own a common PIN. You should plug the SIM-cards into the SIM-modules after you have changed the PINs or the SIM will be blocked.

It is recommended to deactivate the PIN queries with a mobile phone before you plug the SIM-cards into the gateway.

Firmware/lock key:

The function of the GSM Gateway is limited to a predefined number of working hours. If this limit is reached, the gateway will terminate its operation. To avoid this, you will have to contact 2N and have to order an “unlock key”. You will need to send the serial-number of the Voiceblue gateway. You can it find on a sticker at the back of the gateway. It is also possible to get the serial-number if you enter the command “ati4” at the terminal of the configuration utility.


· SIP registration:
Nothing to do! The gateway operates as link without registration!

· SIP protocol settings:
Send 486 when refused from GSM <- set the checkbox.

· IP adresses:
SIP proxy (IP -> GSM) = Swyxware Server via Port: 5060

· SIP proxy (GSM -> IP) = Swyxware Server via Port: 65002

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GSM groups assignment:

It is recommended to assign an “incoming group” for every SIM module.
You can assign a subscriber number to a determined Swyx-user or Swyx-user-group. In that case “Direct Dial In” will be possible. (Supported by Swyxware V6.0 only)

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LCR Table:

Depending from using your SIM-cards you should add entries into the LCR-table, to be sure that the SIM-cards are used for outgoing calls. If you do not add any entry into this table, you will only be able make calls via SIM-module "0" (the first module). In this case it is not possible to make simultanious outgoing calls!

If you want to make simultanious calls at the same time, you need to add an entry into the table, which assigns the predefined "GSM-Groups" to a "Network-Group" (look at the picture)

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GSM incoming groups:

To accept an incoming call, it is necessary to add the called numbers (subscriber number) for each incoming group. (Swyxware 6.0 only)


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