SwyxWare v6.00 Hotfix 1 (kb3123)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.00
  • SwyxWare CD v6.00

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v6.00 Hotfix 1.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:

To check which hotfix you have currently installed on your system click the "Check for updates" link in SwyxWare Administration or click on the "Product updates" link in the support information of SwyxWare in in the Add/Remove Programs list in Windows control panel.


Hotfixes of SwyxWare version v5.0 or newer are shipped as patches based on Microsoft Windows Installer, which has a couple of advantages:

  • No manual replacements of executables necessary
  • Services are automatically stopped and started
  • unique version number to easy see which hotfix is installed
  • Hotfixes can be easily removed if necessary
  • Smaller download size

To install the hotfix execute setup.msp and follow the Installation Wizard.

Hotfix 1 addresses the following issues:

  • Server does not deliver call to called party number if number has type 'National'.

  • SwyxPhone can't connect to Master server after restart.

  • SwyxGate service has to be restarted after a new ISDN trunk has been created.

  • QueueManager doesn't change trace file name when max size has been reached.

  • You need to restart gateway and server services to register a new ISDN-Trunk.

  • SwyxPhone doesn't configure default forwarding to voicemail correctly.

  • Server stops parallel call when a call is disconnected with reason 'busy', 'unknownNumber' or 'No circuit/channel available'.

  • SwyxGate logs trunk off after a configuration change

  • It isn't possible to open CRM on standby server.

  • LinkMgr ignores SIP Trunk Group configuration changes.

  • Gateway could not register after Trunk propertiy changes.

  • The PhoneController does not reload the configuration before starting scan.

  • Voicemail announcement not found after forwarded call that proceeds with destination script.

  • It takes 5 seconds till conference is established.

  • Handle leak within Gateway during endurance test.

  • Server writes no redial list entry if called party is busy.

  • Location connot be written to database if there is one or more non numeric Trunk Group Selecrion Prefix

  • Dump is written when stand alone Gateway is removed.

  • Group call is disconnected in case of 'incompatible destination'.

  • Race condition causes Memory Dump during Gateway shut down.

  • It is not possible to assign a phone number to a user if the subscriber number has more than 10 digits.

  • It's not possible to call via SwyxConnect gateway to a PSTN user if overlapped sending is used.

  • It is impossible to send mail with 'New voicemail' indication.

  • Permanent SwyxWare Compact licenses are not accepted.

  • The case when SwyxGate memory dump appears for Master server.

  • Recording a voicemail message with G.729 only client causes deadlock in mediastreaming.

  • Exception when switching between master and standby system.

  • SMTP mailer is not RFC2045 compliant.

  • PhoneController on the master system is scanning just after the PhoneController configuration although the MSS is passive.

  • Wrong SMTP Port used after Update to v6.00.

  • ConfigWizard does not start during "repair" installation.

  • LinkManager is not able to connect when changing state from passive to active in a Standby scenario.

  • Script property PostDialingDigits() does not return correct value.

  • Standby server doesn't work when rebooted after becoming active.

  • Locally managed SwyxLink created on stand alone server doesn't distinguish Remote Standby server.

  • Outgoing calls via blockdial impossible if first digits of dialed number is equal to public number of Trunk.

  • Standby configuration fails. SQL Server Agent can not be restarted.

  • Wrong routing entry of a SwyxLink after updating to v6.00

  • Server does not free CTI license if CTI user logs off.

  • Access violation from IpPbxSrv, when restarting services or system.

  • Existing SwyxStandby registry keys are deleted during update to HF1.

  • Running SwyxStandby Configuration Wizard a second time on the master server will always fail.

  • It is not possible to make outgoing calls via Sip Gateway Trunks without authentication.

  • AOC-E decoding throws exception and causes the IpPbxGate service to be stopped suddenly.

  • Under certain circumstances status signaling from a user is shown on a speed dial key assigned to a group.

  • Number of allowed hardware modifications must be exact ONE.

  • Phonecontroller and Phonemanager not always activated after switch from standby to master.

  • No number format profile for correct conversion of PSTN numbers in Netherlands available.

  • The dutch version uses the english announcements for GSE call queue functionality.

  • It is impossible to start SwyxServer after addition of not unique phonebook entry.

  • The PhoneController does not set the PhoneManager address on phones being reset via factory reset.


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