SwyxConnect firmware update (kb3119)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxConnect 1724
  • SwyxConnect 1723
  • SwyxConnect 1722
  • SwyxWare v6.00

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The firmware update of SwyxConnect should be done following these steps:

  • Dowload the new firmware from the Support Download page (use link at the end of this article).
  • Connect SwyxConnect to your local LAN. The default (initial) configuration of SwyxConnect will search for a DHCP server in your LAN and request an IP address if a DHCP server is available. If no DHCP server is available SwyxConnect will start its own one and SwyxConnect can be reached via the IP address for configuration.
  • Now you can update the firmware via 2 ways, first via webbrowser, second via the lanconfig tool.

In case you want to use your webbrowser for the update process, please enter into the address line of the browser if no DHCP server is present in your LAN. Otherwise use the IP address the DHCP server assigned to SwyxConnect. If a DNS server and a DHCP server is present inside the LAN, it's also possible to enter the name LANCOM-<MAC-address> into the address line of your browser. The MAC address can be found at the bottom of the SwyxConnect case.

  • After entering the IP address of SwyxConnect into your browser's address line you will see the main menu of SwyxConnect.
  • Please klick onto the menu item Perform a Firmware upload
  • Inside the following page you should enter the path were the firmware is located on your local machine. You can use the Browse button for easy navigation.
  • Please press start upload.
  • The update will now start. Please don't disconnect SwyxConnect from LAN or switch it off during this period. Please wait until the update is finished and SwyxConnect did automatically reboot.

In case you want to use the lanconfig tool for the update process, just install and start the tool. It will automatically search for available SwyxConnect devices inside your LAN and show them inside the right pane.

  • To start the update process, right klick onto the SwyxConnect inside the right pane and choose Firmware Management/Upload Firmware.
  • Enter inside the upcoming dialog the path where the new firmware is located on your local machine and press open.
  • Acknowledge the following dialog.
  • The update will now start. Please wait until it's finished and SwyxConnect rebooted. Don't disconnect or switch off SwyxConnect during the update process!

The latest firmware for the different SwyxConnect boxes along with the LANTools (LANconfig and LANmonitor) can be found on the:


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