Hook switch with SwyxPhone and the wireless headset GN9120 EHS (kb3078)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v5.01
  • SwyxPhone L440
  • SwyxPhone L420

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The headset GN9120 EHS implements an electronic hook switch (EHS) feature, that enables the user to hook on/off a call using a button on the wireless headset. (Note the GN9120 EHS is not equivalent with GH9120 without EHS)

This function is supported since SwyxWare v5.01. This article explains how to connect the headset to SwyxPhone.


Using the Electronic Hook Switch requires:

  • SwyxPhone L420s, L440, L520s, L540
  • Siemens Acoustic Adaptor
  • GN9120 EHS

Getting plugged:

  1. Disconnect the SwyxPhone from power
  2. remove the plastic cap from one of the option bays
  3. mount the acoustic adaptor into this bay
  4. pick the cable with the blue banderole from your GN9120 EHS package
  5. connect the headset to the acoustic adaptor (use outlet headset symbol on the acoustic adaptor side and the outlets with telephone symbol and AUX on headsets base station side).
  6. power first the GN9120; then SwyxPhone.

Getting started:

  • Logon user at the phone
  • Take the headset out of its base --> the phone hooks off
  • press the multifunction key (the middle one) on the headset --> the phone hooks on
  • receive a call on the phone, pick up that call using the multifunction key
  • lift the receiver piece to continue the call with the receiver piece
  • press the multifunction button on the headset to get the call back to the headset (you can now put back the receiver piece without terminating the call)
  • put your headset back to its base --> the call is disconnected


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