Generation of busy tones on a IP 600 / IP 1500 (kb3057)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxDECT 600

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This article describes how to configure the generation of busy tones on a IP 600 / IP 1500 DECT system.

The configuration is done via standard browser, supporting java.

This description is usable for the following firmware versions:

V5.01 rel ip600[SWYX_02]

V5.01 sr3-rc1 ipdect1500[05-5920]

Other firmware versions (e. g. [03-505K]) do not support this functionality!

Further informations to upgrade the firmware can be found in the Knowledgebase article:


Configuration of busy tones via web-administration:

1. Open a web browser (with Java extension) and address the IP600 / IP 1500 by entering the IP address of the basestation.

Webadministration start page
Webadministration start page
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2. Select “Gateway | Config | DECT Interface | GW-DECT” with the parameters “user="admin”" and “Password="ip600” resp. "ip1500”.

3. Choose designated "Dialtone type", e.g. "UK" for UK style dial tones

4. Choose the length of busy tone at "busy timeout [s]" in seconds, e. g. "5"

5. After configuration click the buttons "Save" and "Activate", to store settings and activate them. Then a restart of the IP-DECT system is necessary, but can be done later.


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