SwyxWare v5.00 Hotfix 4 (kb3047)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v5.00
  • SwyxWare v5.00

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v5.00 Hotfix 4.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:

To check which hotfix you have currently installed on your system click the "Check for updates" link in SwyxWare Administration or click on the "Product updates" link in the support information of SwyxWare in in the Add/Remove Programs list in Windows control panel.


Hotfixes of SwyxWare version v5.0 or newer are shipped as patches based on Microsoft Windows Installer, which has a couple of advantages:

  • No manual replacements of executables necessary
  • Services are automatically stopped and started
  • unique version number to easy see which hotfix is installed
  • Hotfixes can be easily removed if necessary
  • Smaller download size

To install the hotfix execute setup.msp and follow the Installation Wizard.

Note: In rare cases the original installation medium is required to install the hotfix.

This Hotfix 4 addresses the following issues:

  • After reset of AudioCodes TA the user(s) are registered more than once and user(s) can not be called.

  • Wrong Calling Party number signalled on internal BRI.

  • Calls routed through a SwyxLink are handled as internal calls if number of calling party is unknown.

  • SwyxIt! uses wrong codec if call to H.323 device which uses compression always is established.

  • Wrong user-status, after disconnecting a transfered call.

  • SIP provider sends 401 instead 407 on outgoing INVITE's to request authentication-> outgoing calls don't work.

  • Play sound function is not executed in the destination script.

Already fixed by Hotfix 3:

  • SwyxPhones configured to automatic logon do not logon again after server crash.

  • After system uptime of 49.7 days timers can hang and cause various problems.

  • Postprocessing should be "busy" if voicemail is not setup for the user.

  • Call list shows "not accepted" instead of "Redirected to voicemail".

  • Server must not require voice channel licenses for remotely managed SwyxLinks.

  • SwyxFax Server is not able to send a fax through an SIP Terminal Adapter.

  • OneWay Mediastreaming in case of SIP Call via SIP Link to AVM Fritzbox.

  • Outgoing calls to SIP provider T-Online are disconnected after 180 seconds.

  • It's not possible to deflect a call to voicemail if this call was already deflected.

  • Intercom call is not disconnected in case of answer call at SwyxPhone while intercom sound file is played.

  • Snapin has to ensure that each user's data folder path is unique.

  • IpPbxGate: LEC (Line Echo Canceller) improvements

Already fixed by Hotfix 2:

  • SIP Call was not disconnected (real problem: SIP Ack is not resend on lost UDP SIP message)

  • Incoming SIP call which was forwarded via SIP to another party was not disconnected

Already fixed by Hotfix 1:

  • Deflecting an incoming call does not work when the call has been connected to a call routing script beforehand, e.g. to play an announcement before connecting it to the destination.

  • Calls from a SwyxIt! configured to always compress voice data do not work via a locally managed SwyxLink.

  • SwyxServer does not react in rare cases when SwyxWare SwyxWare Administration is being started.

  • A SIP Link to german provider T-Online does not work.
    (Swyx00009102, Swyx00009103)

  • No ringback tones when calling via SIP provider

  • Calls from SwyxWare via SIP provider do not work.
  • SwyxGate does not use all ISDN lines when two SX2 Quad BRI ISDN boards are used together with an HST Saphir V board

  • SwyxGate looses connection to SwyxServer on high CPU load and does not reconnect automatically

  • One-way audio when calling from an IP600 Dect device via SwyxGate with enabled least cost routing.


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