SwyxWare v4.33 Hotfix 11 (kb3042)

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  • SwyxWare v4.33

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v4.33 Hotfix 11.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:


This hotfix 11 contains also the previous hotfixes

and resolves the following problems:


  • Call list shows "not accepted" instead of "Redirected to voicemail".
    (Swyx00008601, Hotfix 11)
  • Script postprocessing should be "busy" if voicemail is not setup for the user.
    (Swyx00009394, Hotfix 11)
  • LED 2 of SX2 QuadBRI is blinking red when board works together with SX2 SinglePRI.
    (Swyx00009730, Hotfix 11)
  • After system uptime of 49.7 days timers can hang and cause various problems.
    (Swyx00009799, Hotfix 11)
  • IpPbxGate triggers PLCI timeout during disconnect too early.
    (Swyx00009883, Hotfix 11)
  • Wrong user-status (busy instead of free) after disconnecting a transfered call.
    (Swyx00009911, Hotfix 11)
  • Applies to HST Saphir V ISDN board ONLY: SwyxFax Server v1.x does not receive incoming calls if SwyxGate service is started.
    NOTE: resolution requires a HST Saphir V driver version or higher!
    (Swyx00009634, Hotfix 11)

  • Call Transfer to script sometimes not not working.
    (Swyx00009370, Hotfix 10)
  • Fax calls may use LCR provider which do not support fax.
    (Swyx00009343, Hotfix 10)
  • Some numbers cannot be dialed because the dialnumber gets malformed through canonicalization
    (Swyx00008474, Hotfix 10)
  • Improved robustness of H.323 registration between SwyxGate and SwyxServer.
    (Hotfix 10)

  • Incoming call to a T.30 destination does not cause increase of buffers on both calls.
    (Swyx00008797, Hotfix 9)
  • SwyxGate does not increase buffers in case of outgoing T.30 call.
    (Swyx00009058, Hotfix 9)
  • 'No NCCI available' in SwyxGate log in case of timed out in 'Alerting' state on external gateway calls.
    (Swyx00009096, Hotfix 9)
  • 'No NCCI available' in SwyxGate log after some calls to unallocated number from Sub-PBX.
    (Swyx00009155, Hotfix 9)
  • SwyxServer handles ip600 dect base station as normal H.323 device.
    (Swyx00009108, Hotfix 9)
  • Server throws access violation if calendar access query failed by long timeout.
    (Swyx00009139, Hotfix 9)
  • Asynchronous handling of errors if Microsoft DCOM subsystem did disconnect COM connection.
    (Workaround 3, Hotfix 9)
  • ONLY applies to HST Saphir V-ISDN board with driver version >= v2.7.7.x. Since this driver version it is possible to preselect the B channel protocol during SwyxGate service startup. This will prevent a possible switch between different B channel protocols during call setup, which might cause the B channel not to deliver voice data.
    (Workaround 4, Hotfix 9)

  • Call Cancel removes call from SwyxWare Administration but call is still active.
    (Swyx00008581, Hotfix 8)
  • Number Replacement does not work correctly when overlapped sending is used.
    (Swyx00008584, Hotfix 8)
  • WaitForDisconnect never returns after call transfer.
    (Swyx00008860, Hotfix 8)
  • SwyxServer crashes when SwyxPhone white list is too long.
    (Swyx00008878, Hotfix 8)
  • Callrouting not continued on call after redirection to switched off DECT handset.
    (Swyx00008943, Hotfix 8)
  • Cancel call during call establishment to gateway forces server to unregister gateway.
    (Swyx00008971, Hotfix 8)
  • Group calls ring forever on multi cell DECT ip1500.
    (Swyx00008974, Hotfix 8)
  • ConnectTo timeout is ignored if ip600 sends Release Complete message with reason 'No user responding'.
    (Swyx00008984, Hotfix 8)
  • ConferenceMgr throws access violation on late call details.
    (Swyx00008990, Hotfix 8)

  • SwyxServer service not restarted by watchdog if script file cache mutex is blocked.
    (Swyx00008742, Hotfix 7)
  • SwyxServer breakdown in case of blind call transfer initiated by H.323 device. This problem occured in connection with the IP600.
    (Swyx00008777, Hotfix 7)
  • Configuration changes for H.323 clients (e.g. IP600) made by SwyxWare administration are only applied after logoff and reregistration.
    (Swyx00001321, Hotfix 7)
  • SwyxServer checks during client login if that client can be reached on TCP Port 135 (RPC endpoint mapper). The login fails if not. Without connectivity on port 135 DCOM won't work at all. If a client with blocked port 135 connects to a server, Microsoft's DCOM subsystem may stall on the server.
    (Workaround 1, Hotfix 7)
  • PhoneManager and SwyxIt! clients poll SwyxServer during a call to keep Microsoft DCOM subsystem from disconnecting COM connection. This ensures all calls being disconnected properly.
    (Workaround 2, Hotfix 7)

  • Contains new firmware 2.1.11 for SwyxPhones L400, L420e, L420s and L440.
    (Hotfix 6)
  • Please note that there is a hotfix for the IP600 DECT system available, fixing stability problems:
  • SwyxGate generates access violation during connect/disconnect stress test.
    (Swyx00008634, Hotfix 6)
  • Unexpected 'CallProceeding' message sent to H.323 endpoint while disconnecting call.
    (Swyx00008656, Hotfix 6)
  • Script loading sometimes fails with signature verification error.
    (Swyx00008657, Hotfix 6)
  • PhoneManager threw access violation in a special scenario.
    (Swyx00008680, Hotfix 6)
  • PhoneManager throws access violation on dialing a line that was hooked off by CTI client.
    (Swyx00008685, Hotfix 6)

  • No caller list entry if all group members are busy or rejects the incoming group call.
    (Swyx00006829, Hotfix 5)
  • Dialing public line access only is resolved to "Operator" in redial list.
    (Swyx00007863, Hotfix 5)
  • Server restarted by watchdog after 'hanging' call was cancled via admin.
    (Swyx00008538, Hotfix 5)
  • SendEmailEx method in script does not work, if file is attached.
    (Swyx00008565, Hotfix 5)
  • SwyxFax server service does not start if SwyxFax user has more than 127 extensions.
    (Swyx00008587, Hotfix 5)
  • SwyxServer v4.33 does not accept v4.4x server or user upgrade keys.
    (Swyx00008623, Hotfix 5)

  • Delayed call forwarding must not check if user is logged in.
    (Swyx00008347, Hotfix 4)
  • Phonecall list entry state is "Call accepted" but call was diverted to voicemail.
    (Swyx00008384, Hotfix 4)
  • Wrong call signalling if call to user which is busy is disconnected very fast.
    (Swyx00008419, Hotfix 4)
  • Occasionally gateway service creates mini dump on SMP system.
    (Swyx00008437, Hotfix 4)
  • IVR remote control via DTMF not possible if outgoing gateway call is not in state CONNECTED.
    (Swyx00008439, Hotfix 4)
  • Gateway generates access violation during stress test in case of connection termination.
    (Swyx00008446, Hotfix 4)
  • FollowMe action with "Start Voicemail using the # key" enabled: call is canceled after pressing "#" if destination call is in "alerting" state
    (Swyx00008451, Hotfix 4)
  • IpPbxSrv mini dump generated while VoxBox play work item.
    (Swyx00008457, Hotfix 4)

  • Custom alerting sound played although script block already left.
    (Swyx00008364, Hotfix 3)
  • It's not possible to log on a SwyxIt! Client when using a local (non-domain) service account for SwyxServer. This problem was introduced with hotfix 2 !
    (Swyx00008372, Hotfix 3)
  • No mediastreaming in script after "connect to" with custom alert sound.
    (Swyx00008387, Hotfix 3)
  • UK analoge line break detection does not work with PIKA.
    (Swyx00008400, Hotfix 3)

  • Calls may not be disconnected if LinkMgr sends H.225 Progress message on third party links.
    (Swyx00008227 - Hotfix 2)
  • SwyxServer checks during client login if that client can be reached on TCP Port 135 (RPC endpoint mapper). The login fails if not. Without connectivity on port 135 DCOM won't work at all. If a client with blocked port 135 connects to a server, Microsoft's DCOM subsystem may stall on the server.
    (Workaround - Hotfix 2)

  • SwyxGate service didn't stop.
    (Swyx00007722 - Hotfix 1)
  • No early tones if SwyxLink call is routed through remote SwyxGate.
    (Swyx00008071 - Hotfix 1)
  • The Speaker does not always work with L420e.
    (Swyx00008078 - Hotfix 1)
  • It's not possbile to send DTMF tones after pressing a single * or #.
    (Swyx00008083 - Hotfix 1)
  • Changing the alert sound within a "ConnectTo" block will lead to ignoring the configured timeout.
    (Swyx00008103 - Hotfix 1)
  • Switching to handfree mode during a call terminates this call.
    (Swyx00008110 - Hotfix 1)
  • No more gateway calls are possible after automatic restart of IpPbxGate service.
    (Swyx00008111 - Hotfix 1)
  • 'NoExtensionTimeout' does not work as expected.
    (Swyx00008161 - Hotfix 1)

Further informations and a detailed installation instruction can be found in the included README.TXT file.


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