Automatic fax transmission of PDF files (kb3038)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxFax Client v2.01
  • SwyxFax V2.10 SwyxFax Client V2.10

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By using the @@Commands supported by SwyxFax it is possible to send out PDF files as faxes automatically.
This article explains the required configuration and steps.


The SwyxFax Client is installed on the relevant PC.
The SwyxFax printer driver is configured as the Standard printer under Windows.
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on the relevant PC.

To send a PDF file as a fax over the SwyxFax printer driver the PDF has to contain the required fax number of the destination.
This can be achieved by the usage of the @@Commands supported by SwyxFax.
Fax number in canonical format:

Fax number with public line access (here:0)

By using this parameter the fax number can be inserted directly into the document.
Important is that this command is added in a separate line within the document.
The SwyxFax printer driver interprets this parameter as the fax number to which the document ought to be sent and removes this line when the fax is sent.
(For more detailed information concerning the @@Commands please refer to the SwyxWare manual or the Online Help)

After creating a document in any word processing program like MS-Word or Open Office, etc, and adding the related fax number by using the command @@NUMBER, the document can be converted to a PDF file.
Hereby it is important that the text file will be converted into a PDF file with Unicode characters. Some converting tools use an array of glyph indexes which can not be identified by the SwyxFax printer driver. Supported Unicode PDF files can be generated e.g. with the Acrobat Distiller or PDF4Free.

After this it is possible to print the related document with the SwyxFax printer (which is configured as the Windows default printer) by calling the program "AcroRd32.exe".
This program is part of the Adobe Acrobat Reader and is located in the installation directory of the reader.
The syntax of the program is as follows: "AcroRd32.exe" /p /h "%1"
The parameter "%1" refers the file which ought to be printed and has to be replaced by the relevant document name.
Example: AcroRd32.exe /p /h "C:\Faxfolder\fax.pdf"

Using this configuration it is possible to create a batch file to send out PDF documents as a fax automatically.


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