New Features SwyxFax V2.10 (kb3035)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxFax Server v2.01
  • SwyxWare v5.00
  • SwyxFax Server v2.00
  • SwyxFax V2.10 SwyxFax Client V2.10

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This document describes the planned extensions of the SwyxFax V2.10 to the version V2.00. The release is planned for December 2005.


Changes in SwyxFax Server:

  • For SwyxFax V2.10 and SwyxWare V5.00 or higher is required.
  • FaxMail via Email supporting PDF attachments so that incoming fax documents can be forwarded to the user with attachments in PDF and/or TIFF format beside the option to print the fax.
    This settings can be configured as default setting at the SwyxFax Server or at the SwyxFax Client individually.
  • Improvements at the Fax Journal by scheduled printing of journals with the options:
    • Print daily at a configured time
    • Print weekly at a defined weekday and configured time
    • Print when a specified number of fax documents is reached
  • Enhanced information and protocol of startup processes of the SwyxFax Server within the Fax Administration.
  • Improvement of the SwyxFax Server Administration in the filed of the channel settings allowing to adopt the configured channel setting to all other channels.

Changes in SwyxFax Client:

  • For SwyxFax Client V2.10 and SwyxFax V2.10 and therefore a SwyxWare V5.00 or higher is required.
  • Optional transmit confirmation via Email of outgoing fax documents including the status of the transmission and the option to attach the first page or the complete content of the fax document as an attachment in the TIF format.
  • Extended Retry functionality by the options:
    • Send entire fax again
    • Send failed pages only
    • Send the first page and all failed pages
  • Support of additional @@COMMANDS
    • @@FROM Adds the fax number of the sender
    • @@FROMMAIL Adds the Email address of the sender
    • @@SCHEDULE Adds the send date for the send job
    • @@PRIORITY Sets the priority of the send job
    • @@REDIAL Determines the number and the interval of redials
    • @@INSERT Inserts a image file (e.g. signature) to the fax document
    This enables the user to add a user-defined image (BMP, PCX) like an own signature automatically  
  • Extension of the command line parameter „/f“ by including the support of graphic formats DCX, PCX, TIFF, RLE, SFF and BMP beside the option to attach text files.
  • Support of local TWAIN-compatible scanners connected to the PC with SwyxFax Client installed for attaching scanned pictures or documents directly within the SwyxFax Client.
  • Enhanced Outlook Address book support allowing to use all possible address fields of a contact.
  • Additional enhancement of the Send Fax dialogue by restructuring the user interface.


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