Call SwyxFax Client 2.0/2.01 from command line (kb3009)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxFax Client v2.01
  • SwyxFax Client v2.00

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Call SwyxFax Client from command line
You can also start SwyxFax Client from the command line. You can handle SwyxFax Client via different parameters. These parameters has to be entered in the command line. SwyxFax Client will be started and according to the entered parameters different actions will be executed.



The following parameters are supported:

/qSend quickfax
Activate this option in order to start SwyxFax Client. The dialog "Send Fax" will open. You can send a quickfax message with your default cover page.
/f:<filename>Send file as fax
Activate this option in order to start SwyxFax Client to send the content of the mentioned text file <filename> as fax. The dialog "Send Fax" will open. Enter the fax number and send the fax.
/f:<filename> /n:<callednumber>

Send content of the file to the mentioned fax number
Activate this option in order to start SwyxFax Client, to send the content of the mentioned file to the entered fax number.

The sequence of parameters is random. SwyxFax Client does not support whitespaces.

To send a text, which is saved in a text file (in this case: fax.txt), to a specific recipient (in this case: recipient with fax number +49 1234 567 890) as a fax, switch to the directory in which the SwyxFax Client is installed and enter the following commands in the command line:

FaxClient.exe /f:c:\documents\fax.txt /n:+491234567890

If SwyxFax Client has already been started, any additional calls will be ignored. The text file, used as parameter, has not to be placed in the same directory SwyxFax Client is installed. It will be sufficient to use the full path.


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