How to figure the installed SwyxWare version (kb2983)

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This article helps figuring the currently installed SwyxWare version incl. hotfixes.

Until SwyxWare v4.40 this was only possible using the file version of the IpPBXSrv.exe file of a certain installed release or hotfix.

From SwyxWare v5.00 on there is a version displayed within the SwyxWare Administration on the overview page that can be used to identify the installed release or hotfix. Additionally the version incl. hotfix will be displayed within the Software Applet in the Windows Control Panel.

Following you will find a table to translate the version numbers to SwyxWare versions.


How to obtain the fileversion of IpPBXSrv.exe:

  1. Start the Windows File Explorer
  2. Open the SwyxWare program folderC:\Program Files\SwyxWare
  3. Rightclick the file IpPBXSrv.exe
  4. Select Properties
  5. Change to the Version tab
  6. The file version will be displayed now!

An overview of all released SwyxWare versions can be found in the following knowledgebase article:



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