Swyx Update Service (kb2929)

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This article describes the Swyx Update Service License handling.

An explanation of Update Licenses, which can be obtained via Swyx Update Service Licenses, can be found in the article:


A Swyx Update Service License will not be managed like all other Swyx Licenses within the SwyxWare:

but instead activated on a different way.

The activation will be done for a certain SwyxServer machine.


To activate a Swyx Update Service License send an email to with the following content:

  • The Swyx Update Service license key (character string xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)

  • The serial number (4 or 5 digit number) of the SwyxServer you want to activate the Swyx Update Service license on.

  • If there is already another Swyx Update Service license activated for this very SwyxServer we need to know whether you want to...
    • increase the number of users for the existing Swyx Update Service license.

    • extend the duration of the existing Swyx Update Service license. In this case please also include the serial number (4 or 5 digit number) of that existing Swyx Update Service license.

After activation just send an email to to request/obtain the needed Update Licenses for your new SwyxWare version.


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