SwyxWare v4.40 (kb2921)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v4.40
  • SwyxWare CD v4.40
  • SwyxWare Administration v4.40
  • SwyxWare v4.40

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v4.40. This articles describes all changes and improvements in regard to the previous version.


Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxWare v4.40

  • Support of SIP Phones and Clients. A compatibility list of all currently tested devices can be found in the Knowldeg base article:
  • Update Licenses. If you are using an older version of SwyxWare you need Update Licenses to use this version.
    Please read the following Knowledge base article carefully before updating your SwyxWare:
  • Selection of the device to take the login status from. There are SwyxIt!, SwyxPhone SIP and H.323 phones selectable.
  • Responsibility for non-deliverable-calls. Configure a SwyxUser, who will get all non-deliverable-calls (e.g. calls to an unassigned or missing extension).
  • Handsfree listening with Handset P250.


Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxIt! v4.40

  • SwyxIt! supports the following operating systems only:
    • Windows 2000 Professional/Server
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Windows Server 2003

    The operating systems Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation are no longer supported.
    Of course it is possible to use an older SwyxIt! client on such an OS with SwyxServer v4.40 and above.
  • Extended Outlook Addin.
  • Extended Caller List.
  • Certain configuration functions within the SwyxIt! can be blocked by the administrator. With these additions the following list of restrictions is possible:
    • Redirections
    • Call Routing Manager (CRM)
    • Graphical Script Editor (GSE)
    • Application Sharing
    • Sound Wizard
    • Local Settings
    • Userprofile (includes e.g. name and line keys)
    • Changing the skin
    • Edit the skin
    • Callrecording
  • Extensions within the Graphical Script Editor:
    • Enumerate users of a group.
    • Get status of a certain users.


Please read the included README files carefully for further update and installation informations.

More detailed informations on the new features of SwyxWare v4.40 can be found in the Knowledge base article:


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