General information on SIP devices/endpoints (kb2898)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • SwyxWare v6.12
  • SwyxWare v6.01
  • SwyxWare v6.00
  • SwyxWare v5.01
  • SwyxWare v5.00

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This article gives an overview of all currently tested SIP Clients and Phones with SwyxWare.


Please take the detailed testresults from the PDF file at the end of this article.

Tested SIP Clients / Phones:

  • Allnet - ALL7950
  • AVM - Fritz!box Fon WLAN
  • Cisco 7960
  • Elmeg 290
  • Grandstream - BT101
  • Grandstream - HandyTone a86 ATA
  • Hitachi WIP-5000
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E65
  • Microsoft - Windows Messenger 5.1
  • Polycom Soundstation IP600 SIP
  • Polycom Soundstation IP4000 SIP
  • RayTalk WiFi phone
  • SIPURA - SPA-1001
  • SIPURA - SPA-841
  • Siemens optiPoint 150s
  • Siemens optiPoint WL2 Professional S
  • Siemens Gigaset SL75 WLAN
  • Siemens C450 IP
  • Siemens S450 IP
  • SJPhone 2.5.8 (Windows, Mac OS-X)
  • Snom 200
  • Snom 360 
  • Thomson - ST2030
  • Uniden - UID200
  • X-Ten - X-Pro 2.0
  • Zyxel - P2000W
  • Zyxel - P2000Wv2

This testresults only represent the results that we found for the tested combination of mentioned SwyxWare- and firmware- version. It does now allow a reliable conculsion for other combinatons. If insure, please obtain a test device and make some tests on your own before buying a larger amount of devices.

For questions regarding the configuration of the devices, please pay attention to the manual of the manufacturer or contact their support. Swyx does not offer configuration guides for this thirdparty devices.

Further information and help regarding thirdparty SIP devices and clients might be availaible in the independent Swyx community forum. There are two sub-forums especially for this topic:


As far as software supplied or used by us, includes open source elements the additional terms under https://www.swyx.com/open-source apply in addition. An overview which products from the Swyx portfolio include open source elements and which open source license is relevant can be found under https://www.swyx.com/open-source.

The third-party contact information included in this article is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Swyx in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information nor is responsible for it's content.


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